Disc Golf Clinics Don’t Make You Better at Disc Golf

Photo Nov 22, 11 17 31 PM



Photo Nov 22, 11 17 31 PM

What do disc golfers do when they’re stuck inside during the winter months?  While we all know we should be practicing our putting, or setting up an indoor driving area, most of us are watching You Tube videos.  We are watching endless in the bag, SpinTV, DDTV, DiscGolf Planet, and anything else we can get our little eyeballs on.  We all have to scratch our disc golf itch somehow, right?  Then, armed with the “knowledge”  just gained, people of all skill levels invade the online world of DGCR, Reddit, and Facebook to share their newfound expertise with anyone else who will listen.

It’s questionable whether or not people actually get any better because of this.  I know I spent a good deal of time when I started playing sitting in front of a computer.  I was desperately searching for anything I could find that would make me better.  I sure did waste a lot of time back then.

Find out what you can do instead that’s won’t waste your time, and will actually improve your game.  Head on over and check out this week’s post at the Mind Body Disc blog.


Disc Golf Swap Meets

Photo for post about DG Swap Meets by DG Beat.
Photo for post about DG Swap Meets by DG Beat.

Disc Golf swap meets could make selling unwanted plastic more entertaining to sell. What do you think?

Do they exist? They don’t in my area, but I would love it if they did. A swap meet would be a more entertaining way to sell some unwanted plastic. What do you think? Come on over to www.dgbeat.blogspot.com and read my scenario. Maybe these meet ups can become as frequent as tournaments and work parties.

Latitude64 / Devan Owens Tour Box – #discgolfstoragesolution

lat 64 box mock

lat 64 box mock

Here is your chance to support Devan Owens as he prepares for his 2015 Tour… PRE-ORDER is now open for this Latitude 64 – Golf Discs themed Tour Box… Proceeds from the sale of this box will go to Devan to help him defer expenses while on tour. Use the code TALKdg to save 20% on your order. PRE-PREORDER remains open until 11/30. This will be a Limited Run so get yours now.



November newsletter from Explore Disc Golf


It’s that special time of year — Consultations galore! 
We can’t say it enough, this is the best time of year for consultations, and we feel so blessed to be able to be visiting so many spectacular properties! Just this month alone, we have visited a 25-acre business park, 5,000-acre working farm, 32-acre private residence, and a 3,000-acre reservation. The lack of leaves and downed vegetation make it easy to take in the vast expanse of some of these properties as increased visibility enhances the possibility of finding subtleties like rock walls, foundations and changes in elevation with a bit more ease.

To read our newsletter in its entirety, click here.


Nordic trails such as these traverse a 5,000-acre working farm in Maine that is home to a mixture of rolling fields, towering pine tree stands, views of Mount Washington and much more!




Artist Jason Baston Tries His Hand at Disc Art

Artist Disc Art

Artist Disc Art

Have you ever wanted to design your own disc golf disc but didn’t want to dye it? Jason Baston, a follower of Disc Golf Family, wanted to do just that and decided to make his own designs using Sharpie markers. The end result was a very nice design that really helped to personalize his discs.

Jason is 37 and lives in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. He is married with 2 kids and has always been into some kind of artwork. After seeing our post, “Disc Golf Dyeing 101: The Shaving Cream Method – Post 39” he decided that he wanted to try to design his own artwork for his discs. He sent us pictures of a few of his attempts at drawing on the discs with Sharpies. We were impressed with what he was doing and by the fact that it was our disc dyeing post/video that encouraged Jason to start, so we asked him for an interview.


“WIN A CUSTOMIZED DISC!!  Jason has agreed to custom design a disc for one of our readers.  If you would be interested in having a custom designed disc, go to our Facebook page . Comment on this post on Facebook and say “I want the custom disc”. The contest runs from Monday, November 17 to Thursday, November 20, 2014. The contest ends at 11:59pm PST. We will draw for a winner on Friday, November 21, 2014. For official rules go to www.discgolffamily.com/custom-disc-contest-rules


DISC GOLF FAMILY: When did you first start drawing?

JASON: Most of my memories are back from the late 80?s. I started getting into comics, especially Batman. I started [drawing] all these Batman pictures and [then] other types of comics and started drawing those characters also.”


To read the rest of this article go to: http://discgolffamily.com/artist-jason-baston-disc-art/

Simon Lizotte – Disc Golf Show Episode 17



Click Here to Download the Podcast

Episode 17 with Simon Lizotte is here! Make sure to check out the recording of the Live Stream with our YouTube channel (link below). We had a blast making this episode and we want to thank all of you for listening. Make sure to listen all the way to the end of this episode as we announce another giveaway!

Check out our YouTube Video/Recording of the Live Stream Here

***This episode is sponsored by Vanish Disc Golf LLC. Use the Coupon code DGSHOW6 for 10% off of your entire order on their website www.vanishapparel.com
***And Make sure to use the code DGS20 at ScoreBand.Net to save 20% off of your purchases.

Click Here to download the Show Notes

Click Here to Download the Podcast

10 Pieces of Disc Golf Advice I Wish I Had Listened To

Photo Nov 15, 9 14 34 PM

Photo Nov 15, 9 14 34 PM

One of life’s cruel tricks is that the tools and perspective you need to make the most of life often don’t come to you until well after you need them.  How many times have we said things like…  “If I could go back to high school knowing what I know now.” or “If I could go back to college knowing what I know now.” or “I wish I could go back and date that person again knowing what I know now.”  It seems like we are never fully equipped with the knowledge we need at the time we actually need it.

I just realized that I have now been playing disc golf seriously for 11 years.  As I look back, I realize just what an incredible community of people I’ve become involved with through disc golf.  I’m filled with gratitude for finding something I truly love this much.  Happiness fills me as I recall memory after memory from the past 11 years.  Along with all the warm fuzzies I get, my human nature kicks in and throws in some regrets too.  If I could only go back in time 11 years and start playing again knowing what I know now.

What things would you change about how you learned disc golf if you could go back and do it all over again?  Find out what I would have done differently and share your ideas over at the Mind Body Disc blog!



Tribute to My Good Friend and Fellow DGer, Destin Walch


Hey all,

Two weekends ago I lost a very close friend and fellow disc golfing buddy, Destin Walch. He was very outgoing, charismatic, funny, and one of the most passionate players to the game. He loved disc golf so much. He loved teaching others the game, giving discs to newcomers, and reviewing products for us on our blog. He made a big impact on my life here in the two short years I knew him. He wrote a lot for us and helped me grow the Dogleg brand–especially here locally. Destin meant a lot and will truly be missed. Prayers for his wife & family. Destin, throw on, my friend.

Please take a moment and read my latest post on our blog, DoglegDiscGolf.com, called “Remembering Dogleg Destin“.

? Read the full article, “Remembering Dogleg Destin.


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Building a Disc Golf Home Gym, Body Weight Training




The primary function of all of your muscles is movement.  You, as a human being, were designed to move.  You were designed to self propel from point A to point B.  You were designed to stand and run and push and pull and otherwise get around a disc golf course on your own.

Since this is the primary function of muscles, that should also be the primary function of training those muscles.  Whether you are training for disc golf specific movements or something else, the focus of healthy training should always be for movement.  If training for disc golf equals training for movement, then our disc golf home gym should be set up to help us work on movement more than anything else.  Having huge guns will not improve your disc golf game.  Having an arm that will move quickly, powerfully, and with great control will greatly benefit your disc golf ability.

There’s a great way to train yourself for this movement that won’t cost you anything except the time it takes to work out.  Find out about it at the Mind Body Disc blog.


Talk Disc Golf | For Sale

FSBO-talkdiscgolfLooking for a new project? Have a great idea for disc golf but cant come up with a name? Here’s your change to own/secure a very search engine friendly name, TalkDiscGolf.com. After a number of years we here at talkdiscgolf.com have decided to focus our efforts in other directions as we each have other disc golf centric business’s that require more attention.

If you are interested in purchasing the domain, its graphic assets, and other email/social media entities, please email us at talkdiscgolf@gmail.com.

It’s Official – Lizotte’s New World Records


On Saturday October 25th, 2014, Germany’s rising star of disc golf, Simon Lizotte #8332, set a new world record for the longest outdoor throw of a flying disc. With a 17mph wind at his back, he crushed a 157g Innova Blizzard Boss, a gift from 2009 PDGA World Champion Avery Jenkins #7495, on a huge anyhyzer line across the flat desert land of Primm, NV. The distance that was reported back to him by radio from the spotter using an approved distance finder was an incredible 263.20 meters (863.5 feet)!

The world record holder at the time, David Wiggins Jr. #24437, was there as well and didn’t hesitate to celebrate with Lizotte after the reading came back. Wiggins broke the world record in 2012 at the age of 16 with a distance of 255 meters, ousting the longstanding record of 250 meters set by Christian Sandstrom#17004 in April of 2002.

Wiggins is still the current world record holder for distance in the Under 14 and Under 13 divisions sanctioned by the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF), the official organization for flying disc world records. He’s probably not too worried about losing those titles, specifically his throw as a 13 year old in April 2009 that clocked in at 224 meters (734.9 feet)!

What’s potentially even more mind-blowing is that Lizotte had just set a new distance world record the day before in the mini disc category. If you’ve ever tried to throw one, you know just how difficult it can be. In fact, until 2014, the WFDF records table shows that no one had thrown farther than 82.5 meters (270.7 feet) in an official distance competition since January of 2003. Lizotte’s mini disc world record throw….160.9 meters (527.9 feet). It’s a feat for many that is simply unimaginable.

Read the full story on PDGA.com…

Aging with the game – #discgolf


Come on over and check out the new look of what was once 400 Bound. The blog has been renamed, because the original name didn’t really match the focus after a while. I strayed from just blogging about my drive progress. The new title fits much better now.

The Disc Golf Beat


Today’s post is about closing in on my first “age protected” division. I still have two years, but I’m preparing myself now.

Thanks for reading.

Disc Golf Tips From Will Schusterick | Infinite Discs Blog

Infinite Disc Golf Discs

Will Schusterick, 3 three time USDGC Champion, is not only one of the best disc golfers in the world, but is also a great disc golf instructor. This clinic at the Mulligans at Creekside Disc golf course in Ogden, Utah on October 20th, 2014 is full of tips to help you improve your driving, accuracy, and overall mental disc golf game.

via Disc Golf Tips From Will Schusterick | Infinite Discs Blog.

Night Glow Disc Golf

Nite Chains Disc golf Review- Disc Golf Family

Nite Chains Disc golf Review- Disc Golf Family


The end of Daylight Savings Time means that you gain an extra hour of sleep (that is a plus), but it also means that you will be returning home from the 9 to 5 in darkness. I’d rather have the daylight thank you very much! In my opinion we should be adding another hour of daylight in the Fall not losing one.

So what is a disc golfer to do without daylight? Stop playing? No, of course not! In this post I discuss lighted or “glow” discs and review NITE CHAINS by dgNOMAD (Ebay Partner Link) When the sun goes down (too early) the game can still go on. We just need to provide our own light.

Short of night vision goggles (which would be awesome) there are a few products that can keep you chucking plastic into the twilight hours.

You probably already know about adding small lights to the underside of your discs. These lights are great. They are also inexpensive. I picked up three of them from the local disc golf shop for around $10 total. If you are buying online I suggest getting several to save on shipping.  Use these on your “see through discs” for best results. Extreme Glow Disc Golf Flat Lights (Amazon Associates Link)

While lighted discs are great they do not solve the problem entirely. Sure you can see your disc, but what about the basket?



Introducing “NITE CHAINS” from dgNOMAD. Now you can actually see the target!

Jeff Gradinger of dgNOMAD asked us to review their NITE CHAINS product. The NITE CHAINS are plastic UV chains that glow under a UV light (think like a black-light). We were sent the standard package. The standard package includes six plastic chains about five feet in length, a UV flashlight, stake for the flashlight, a heavy duty rubber band to attach the light to the stake, a one sheet instruction page, and some dgNOMAD stickers all contained within a nice red canvas bag with a drawstring…


To read the rest of this article, go to: http://discgolffamily.com/night-glow-disc-golf/

Dynamic Discs TV 02


The latest episode of Dynamic Disc TV is here. In this episode Eric McCabe discusses playing disc golf in the rain, spin putting vs push putting, much more.

YouTube Preview Image