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FOUR! Myths of Disc Golf

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April brought a quick resurgence of winter conditions to Colorado and I made haste to the mountains to recharge the batteries and sit on some chair lifts with my friend Steve. Steve’s a great photographer and my mountain biking buddy and I’ve been hard selling him on disc golf since I started last summer. I gave him a Buzzz and a putter and demanded updates on when and where he played.

During our chair lift conversations he mentioned something about how disc golf “wasn’t exactly a work out.” It’s a line I’ve heard many times before from my friends who don’t play and associate disc golf with drinking a few tall-boys while strolling through the park losing frisbees. Which leads me to myth #1…

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Disc Golf Show – Episode 10


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The 10th Episode is here! Get your copies fresh while they last… okay there probably isn’t a concern about supply but at least it is here to meet your demand. Your demand for good Disc Golf related content that is! Thanks again to all of our fan participation and please keep those emails coming, we read and enjoy each and every one of them. Let us know if we missed content, or if there is anything you would like to hear.

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2014 St. Patrick’s Classic and Auburn Amateur Tournaments

St. Patrick's Classic 2014

St. Patrick's Classic 2014Two of my favorite tournaments are the first two big tournaments of the Northern California disc golf season.The St. Patrick’s Classic A-tier and the Auburn Amateur B-tier have me eagerly awaiting the start of each tournament season. They are at 2 of my top 5 all time courses. I am frequently the most rested, practiced, and mentally clear for these two events coming out of my off-season. By the end of the season, I am frequently nursing several injuries and have an entire season’s worth of mental baggage. I usually play a couple of warm up events early in the season but I really focus on these events. It’s not a mistake that my 2 best rounds of competition came at these two events. Here is a quick wrap of the events of the first quarter of my 2014 season:

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April newsletter from Explore Disc Golf


Dave Matthews Band disc golf course at Saratoga Spa State Park coming this May!
After months of research, planning and permitting, we are beyond excited to announce that our firm will be installing 9 holes of The Mobile Disc Golf Experience at Saratoga Spa State Park in Saratoga Springs, NY during the Dave Matthews Band concerts on May 30-31, 2014. Those unfamiliar with the park, it is home to Saratoga Performing Arts Center — a 25,000 person amphitheater that is one of the most popular music venues in the country. The park features geysers, streams, and hundreds of acres of open space for attendees to enjoy the great outdoors before the music begins. Both the park authorities and Live Nation (concert promoter) are extremely pleased that this popular attraction will be offered, free of charge, to attendees over the course of the weekend.

To read our newsletter in its entirety, click here. This month’s newsletter also recaps a 9 hole installation on a traditional golf course in New York, as well as lists May appearances by The Mobile Disc Golf Experience. Check it out!

Saratoga Spa State Park

The geysers, located next to Peerless Pool, attract concert attendees and visitors from all over the country. The amphitheater and disc golf course are a short walk from here.



What’s in your bag? Feel Free to Share in the Comments Below…


So the weather has finally broke in Central Illinois and it is unofficially officially #discgolf season…  After a couple of years of struggling along with health and injury issues, I am ready to hit the throwin’ season with the addiction-like zeal of the past.  So for the last 3 weeks I have done some field testing and the occasional full rounds at the local courses and have settled upon the following disc choices… Putt and Approach Discs…

  • Dynamic Discs Classic Judges @ 176g – my Putter of Choice after experimenting with bead and no bead
  • Dynamic Discs Soft Judge @ 171g – found this to be my favorite for shots on grade | up or down, I like how this disc sits down when not exactly on target or when just aiming to have the wind to my back for the finish.
  • DGA SP Breakers @ 173-174g – my absolute favorite disc.  My approach shot is very important to my game because of my lack of distance off the tee and I have found the SP Breakers to be my most consistent disc for dialing in my desired line and distance to the basket.


  • First Run Stratus @ 174g – my understable midrange – didn’t mean to get hooked on these.  I really thought the Innova Stingray was going to be the disc for this slot but the handle on these just feels better to me and I get the results I was looking for.
  • Discraft Z Comets @ 174g – I like Z Comets because this is the disc that I can throw the best when in a situation where a run-up or x-step is not possible – My Stand and Deliver Disc.  I’ve never really been successful in using a run-up for generating power or distance with any disc but I do use footwork to help with rhythm and getting into position to throw.  When I can’t use the footwork to help me time my throw/release, I find myself having the most success with Z Comets for the stationary throws necessary to stay out of trouble.
  • Innova Champion Roc3 @ 175g – Midrange that I throw the most.  As a placement golfer, I am always trying to throw to the spot where I can reach the circle with my Roc3.  This is the disc I am wanting to throw, if I am not putting.

Fairway Drivers…

  • Latitude64 Test Run Diamonds – My roller.
  • Latitude64 Diamonds – My turnover driver but more importantly my control driver when the fairway gets a little tight or trying to place a shot.
  • Latitude64 Jades – This is the disc so far this season that has been my most consistent driver with the least variances from my anticipated result.
  • Latitude64 Opto Air Saints - My goal is to incorporate the Air Saints into my game as my game/form continues to improve during the season to replace the Diamonds I use now.  One of my goals this season is improve enough that I do not have to rely on the Diamonds and Jades and I will be able to use this next disc level up to speed and get the designed flight paths.
  • Latitude64 Opto Air Saint Pros – Again, as a player who plays mostly casual rounds (you should read that as I like to throw multiple shots during a round) my goal is, by the end of this season, be primarily throwing the Saint Pro when I would now typically throw a Jade.
  • Millennium EXP-1′s @ 163g – this mold has made a return to my bag because after my hiatus from routine play because of physical limitations I simply can’t get the 150 z Flicks I had thrown for years up to speed to get my desired results…  So I’ve moved back down to a slower speed for my overstable slot in the bag and have been really pleased so far with the results.  I also like throw this disc for shots where many other discgolfers would look to throw an overstable or super overstable midrange.

Long Distance Driver…

  • Dynamic Discs Air Renegades –  When I started to think about putting a bag together for this season, I really had no intentions of putting any high-speed molds in the bag but a friend of mine suggested I try some of the new Air Plastic from Dynamic Discs and sent me a Renegade to try.  I was skeptical at first because I tried the whole Blizzard plastic thing to try and cheat a few extra feet into my drives with results that often left me way short or way too long of my intended target.  But I decided to heed his advice and I threw it in a field for a few days in a row.   The lines of this disc remind me of what I used to get with Champion Orcs when I was throwing better a couple of years ago.  I decided to take it to the course.

So I ended up incorporating the Air Renegade into my bag as my only long distance driver and I only throw it on wide open holes where the reward for added distance far outweighs the risk.  The unexpected success I was obtaining with this mold in the Air plastic is what made me want to try other molds in the same plastic.  If I had thrown the Air Renegade before buying the Diamonds and Jades on the hunch or better yet the hope of taking advantage of “easy to throw” plastic; I probably would have gravitated to Air Plastic fairway drivers from the start.

So that is the bag that I have put together for this season and I hope to stay true to my plan and philosophy of placement golf.  Along with executing with more consistency and playing the smart shots.  I plan on using the goal of not having to rely on the Diamonds and Jades by the end of the season as a measure of success.

I’ve always been that guy that plays a round of golf for that one good shot – I’m not greedy but this year I will incorporate that simple plan into my always present enjoyment of the game.

Anyways that is the what and the why of my set-up this year…  please feel free to talk about yours in the comments or leave a link in the comments to your setup if you’ve already posted it up somewhere else.

Thanks and Throw Well,

trotter | TALKdg

Got Great Ideas? Prove It!

PDGA Annual Elections - Board and State/Provincial Candidates Wanted!

PDGA Annual Elections – Board and State/Provincial Candidates Wanted!

Do you play disc golf on occasion with your buddies, just a few times a year, without really understanding the rules? Are you someone that’s never even considered playing in a sanctioned tournament? Do you see disc golf as a fun hobby but not as a genuine competitive and athletic sport? No need to worry, that’s perfectly ok with us. We all took to the tee pad the first few times with the same attitude. The point is, as much as we love all disc golfers, this article probably isn’t for you.

For those of you that are still with us, we thank you for your dedication and passion for the awesome and increasingly popular sport that is disc golf. Perhaps it’s time to take that passion to a new level. As we get closer to July, the hunt for the best and brightest minds the sport of disc golf has to offer is in full effect. The annual elections are quickly approaching with two open slots for the PDGA Board of Directors and 30 open slots for State and Provincial Coordinators up for grabs. Elections take place online between July 1st and July 31st, 2014 and the terms will begin September 1st, 2014.

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The 2014 Bowling Green Amateur Championships – Final 9 – Adva


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Tournament Directors: It’s Not Too Late To Partner With The Educational Disc Golf Experience!


The Educational Disc Golf Experience would like to extend the invitation for disc golf Tournament Directors around the globe to partner any and/or all of your tournaments or series with the EDGE Tournament Charity Program for the 2014 season. Even though the disc golf season is already in full swing, it’s not too late to partner up with such a great cause. The EDGE TCP has been an instrumental tool in growing the sport of disc golf around the United States, having now partnered with over 400 events across 22 different states in the last five years alone.

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GSA Charity Ching Group 1

A Torture Round

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I’m not a particularly superstitious guy, so when I started a round on Saturday morning I had no reason to believe that it would spiral so badly out of control. I hadn’t walked under any ladders or even seen a black cat. I had stolen a pet ferret from a one eyed witch, perhaps that was where the bad luck started… there’s just no way to tell.
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The MVP Tesla.


Four20, bad for the sport?


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