Dogleg Tricia reviews Putter BeadZ!


Dogleg Tricia posted an article up on the blog earlier last week for Putter BeadZ!

Snippet from Tricia’s post:

So how do you practice? I tried a few methods, and what seems to work best for me is starting close, and gradually moving back. I used to take a measuring reel out and put flags down at certain distances, and putt inside the circle. This was a pain doing it every time I went out, and when I wanted to move the basket to a different location. My yard has some hills and different terrain, so it’s great for practicing uphill and downhill putts.

Do you practice putting in your yard and find yourself constantly looking for sticks, rocks or mini flags to stick in the ground to measure off your distances? If so, you need to pick up these cool PutterBeadZ to do the job!»Read Dogleg Tricia’s full post “Gear Review: Putter Beadz” here!


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Disc Golfin’ Dog


I was sent this video earlier last week and it struck something with me being the dog-lover that I am. So I wanted to share “Fred the Disc Golf Dog” with you guys. This video was shot at Hornings Hideout DGC in Portland, Oregon by a cinematographer duo called Chibi Moku. Chibi Moku travels the country in an RV and films their crazy adventures. Check it out only on

Watch it now, “Fred the Disc Golf Dog”


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dgNOMAD Ultralite Disc Golf Target

dgNOMAD Ultralite Disc Golf Target - Disc Golf Family

dgNOMAD Ultralite Disc Golf Target - Disc Golf Family


How easy is it for a youth in an apartment to carry an Innova Disc Catcher on his bike to a local park? If you fly frequently for business and would like to practice putting wouldn’t you love to have a practice target that could fit in your suitcase?

These problems, as well as others, are what Jeff Gradinger hopes to solve with the dgNOMAD Ultralite Disc Golf Target. The target weighs only 2 ½ pounds and folds down to a compact size of 3 inches in diameter by 24 inches in length making it very portable.

The target was originally designed for a Cub Scout Pack so the young boys could easily carry it around on a campout. If you are familiar with setting up a modern tent you will recognize the technology employed in the creation of this lightweight target. The frame is composed of “fiberglass and anodized aluminum tubes” with bungee cords running through each tube just like those of tent poles. Thus the target is collapsible but all the pieces stay held together by the bungee cords.


What you get…

The Ultralite Disc Golf Target comes in a sturdy canvas bag with a draw string. The bag includes instructions, the target, a mini disc, a couple heavy duty rubber bands (like those folks are wearing on their wrists), and a stake with a pull cord.

The chains are “UV resistant polyethylene plastic.” In the standard package the chains come in the colors of red, blue, yellow, orange, white, magenta, and silver. Just one color can be ordered or you can mix and match the colors of the chains. Just a note: there is no basket on this target. It only has the chains and the pole.

The “Glow” package includes NITE CHAINS, which reflect UV light for night disc golf, and a UV LED blacklight with a mounting stake…


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8 Keys to Better Glow Rounds

Gllow promo

Gllow promo

In our last post, we made the recommendation that to play more disc golf while the days are getting shorter, you should try out some glow rounds.  First of all, we are not recommending you play on courses that don’t allow you out there after dark.  There’s a lot of reasons you should stay off the course when it’s officially closed.  If you want to go out and try some glow, reach out to your local disc golf club.  They will know where you can play.  You should be a member anyway, so while you’re at it, join your local club too!  There are quite a few courses out there that are open after dark.  Especially once the time change hits.

Aside from making sure you are playing in an appropriate place, there are a few other things we’ve picked up over the years that help make for a more enjoyable round of glow golf.  If you are going to head out and play after dark, we’ve put together a short list of things that might help you make the most of it.

Check out our list over at the Mind Body Disc blog.

Axiom Proxy & Theory Test – #discgolf


Testing the latest from Axiom discs!  Two very versatile & controllable molds, the neutral Proxy and the understable Theory.


YouTube Preview Image

PDGA Approved Discs: Release Rate

Infinite Disc Golf Discs

Story written by our friends at the Infinite Discs Blog.

PDGA Disc Approval Rate

As disc golf becomes undeniably more popular, more discs enter the disc golf scene, vying for space in disc golfers bags. These facts about how many discs are being approved today, vs just 10 years ago may blow your mind.

1964 – 1987 Disc Approval Numbers

According to the list of PDGA approved discs (found here), the first approved disc was in 1964. That disc was named, according to the sheet “Professional” and was made by Wham-O / DTW. Twenty three years later, at the end of 1987 that number had grown to 71 approved discs.

Read the full story on…


PDGA Approved Discs 1963 - 2014

PDGA Approved Discs 1963 – 2014

October newsletter from Explore Disc Golf


Now is the time to book Explore Disc Golf for a consultation on your property!
Fall is officially upon us and that means two things: leaves are falling and our daily consultation services are in high demand! While we receive phone calls throughout the year, we tend to schedule the majority of our consultations in the fall, winter and spring as these times of year provide the best value to the customer and better visibility conditions for our staff. Consultations are the first step in course design, but providing this service in the summer is extremely difficult as the thick vegetation limits our ability to take inventory of the entire site.

To read our newsletter in its entirety, click here.

Pine Brook

Each of our course designs start out with a consultation. After thoroughly surveying the site, and meeting with landowners, this camp in Massachusetts decided to add a 9 hole course!



7 Ways to Play More Disc Golf

Play more

Play more

I am not looking forward to November 2.  Not at all.  What’s special about November 2, you might ask?  In my mind, that’s the real end of summer.  It’s been fall on the calendar for almost a month now, but on November 2, we go from long, beautiful days spent outside to living in a cave.

November 2 is when we change our clocks.  It’s the official day that we give in to the fact that the days are noticeably shorter.  So noticeably shorter that most of the nation tries to alter time itself to try and squeeze out an extra hour of daylight each day.  It’s one last desperate step we take before we enter the dark that is winter.  For many of us, that means it’s the time of year where we get up in the dark, go to work in the dark, miss the entire day while at work, and go home in the dark.

How do you get as much disc golf as possible in before the days get too short and too cold?  There’s a few things you can do, so I thought I’d put together a short list.

See 7 of the things you can do to squeeze more disc golf into your life at the Mind Body Disc blog!

Gregg Barsby – Disc Golf Show Episode 16


Click Here to Download the Podcast


Episode 16 is here!!

We had Gregg Barsby on the show with us this time and we had a blast. Thanks again to Gregg for being awesome and helping us deliver the content to you guys!
***This episode is sponsored by Vanish Disc Golf LLC. Use the Coupon code DGSHOW6 for 10% off of your entire order on their website

Click Here to download the Show Notes

Click Here to Download the Podcast

Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag – #discgolf



First off, no, I didn’t buy a new disc golf bag.  I think there are a total of 5 or 6 of them out in my garage.  That’s enough.  While I have more than enough discs to fill all of them up at the same time, I can only carry one.  And besides, I don’t have any disc golf carts yet.  But that’s a story for another post.

The bag I’m talking about in the title is a simple sandbag.  Not the “sandbagger” we all hate to see show up in our division at tournaments, but an actual bag full of sand.  In our continuing series devoted to building a quality disc golf specific home gym, this week we take a look at the sandbag.  It’s one of the most versatile tools in the work out arsenal.  It’s great for disc golf training.  It’s inexpensive.  With winter not too far away, it’s an all around effective way to improve your disc golf game on those days you can’t make it to the course.

We’ll address what kind of bag to get, why a sandbag is beneficial, and we’ll review some great exercises and routines that will directly and positively impact your disc golf performance.

Head on over to the Mind Body Disc blog to see how a simple sandbag can benefit you as a disc golfer.

Disc Golf Talk Radio is back!!


Here we go!! After a lot of thinking and reflection we have decided to bring Disc Golf Talk Radio back. Look for some new interviews with the top pros and much more.

So our first Interview is listed below. We look forward to seeing you all there!!
Interview with Pro Disc Golfer JohnE McCray
Where:Disc Golf Talk Radio Live
When: October 16th
Time: 9:30 PM EDT

Our first interview will be with none other than Johne McCray. We will talk with Johne about his 2014 “It’s about time tour” and much more.

The PDGA: Why Join? #discgolf

PDGA Why Join- Disc Golf Family

PDGA Why Join- Disc Golf Family


Are you a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA)? If not, should you be?

I can not really answer that last question for you, but in this article I am going to present to you what the PDGA is, what it does, and what are the benefits of membership. At the end of this post there is a list of references / resources which will provide you with more detailed information concerning the PDGA.


What is the PDGA?

I am going to skip over the detailed history of how the PDGA came in to being and summarize it here for you in a couple of sentences from the PDGA itself. With the exploding growth of disc golf, “many players shared the dream of national tournaments and organized play. They got together and formed the PDGA to help oversee and guide the rapid growth of the sport.” (PDGA history)

The PDGA is a non-profit membership organization whose vision and mission are “the promotion and sustainable growth of disc golf” and “to develop disc golf into a globally-recognized competitive sport and recreational activity.” (PDGA mission) In 2013 the number of PDGA active members grew by 2,498 members from the previous year to a total of 20,587. (PDGA stats)

A set of bylaws guide the organization, and seven to nine persons serve on the Board of Directors. The current president is Rebecca Duffy. The term of office for a board member is two years or a “period of time as the Board may determine by written resolutions.” (PDGA bylaws)

Elections to the Board are held on-line every year from July 1st to July 31st. Active members cast “their ballots at an independent election service website.” (PDGA election) Members are notified of the elections and candidates by either email or mail…


To read the rest of this article, go to:

Disc Golf Course Wins Historic $25,000 State Farm Grant


In its desire to see a Houck-designed course developed in Carrollton, GA, the Carrollton Disc Golf Club along with the support of HouckDesign rallied thousands of Facebook voters to submit daily votes over a several week period for a State Farm Neighborhood Assist Grant…and won! This is the first grant ever won for disc golf by public voting which is testimony to the sports ever growing popularity and might even be considered as evidence of the sport’s evolution into a main stream outdoor recreation activity.

Read the full story on…


Building a Disc Golf Home Gym, the Mobility Tools



As the weather turns cooler and we enter the fall disc golf season, we have less and less day light to make use of.  Many of us try harder and harder to get those last fair weather rounds in before the snow begins to fall.  This means that many of us warm up less, stretch less, and get sore more.

The colder weather doesn’t help either.  When the temps are in the 50’s instead of the 80’s like we’ve been used to, our bodies are not as limber.  Our muscles are not as loose.

For some, a weekly sports massage is the answer to this.  I don’t know about you, but that’s not quite in my budget right now.  Known as the “poor man’s massage”, foam rolling is the next best option.  But foam rollers aren’t the only tools we disc golfers have at our disposal.

In our continuing series on building a disc golf home gym, this week we address mobility tools.  These body saving implements are a must have in any home gym.  Honestly, they are a must have no matter where you work out.

Read more about your options at the Mind Body Disc blog.

Why do you play the game?


What do Matthew McConaughey, the University of Texas, and Disc Golf have in common with why you play the game of disc golf?


It may surprise you or it may cause you some introspective thoughts, but go see what DiscTroy wrote about and the video he has on “Why do you play the game?”