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Glorious spring is finally here!!!!  We’ve all been there.  We have the day off of work or school.  The weather is nice.  The ground has dried out.  It’s that perfect first real day of spring goodness outside.  We grab our bag of discs, dust them off, and head out to the local course with our buddies intent on playing until our arms fall off.  Oh what a glorious and wonderful day that is!

The next day, though.  Oh that next day.  For the disc golfer who hibernated for the winter, it’s a painful day.  Muscles ache.  It’s hard to walk.  It’s tough getting out of bed.  It’s on this day that we pay the price for being sedentary and not throwing a disc all winter.  If you’re really unlucky, you are now starting off your season injured.

So, how do we start our season off in a way that that helps prevent injury and also helps to ensure a long and healthy disc golf season?  Find out about disc golf spring training over at the Mind Body Disc blog!

Explore Disc Golf’s Rental Program is great for spring and summer programs!


Spring and summer are right around the corner so we are taking a moment to bring attention to our Rental Program for schools, businesses, park and rec departments and even the private sector. Over the past three years, Explore Disc Golf has sent baskets and discs to everything from large company picnics and bachelor parties, to 4-H camps, weddings and dozens of schools! While our “standard” rental is for two weeks, we also offer one month, three month, one semester, or one year rentals.

We are also happy to consider custom durations, as our Rental Program is a wonderful way to ease into disc golf at your location while this activity may still be in the “proof of concept” phase for many. Each rental is completely customizable, as we offer multiple levels of basket rentals, disc quantities and even a 200+ page physical education curriculum with lesson plans and much more. Please contact us for pricing, and bring disc golf to your school, park and rec system, company outing or private event in 2015!

Read our newsletter in its entirety.


Want to try disc golf? Explore Disc Golf rents baskets, discs and physical education curriculum!


Give Yourself a Disc Golf Deadline



Up until now, I’ve always practiced for the nebulous goal of “getting better”.  That’s about as motivating as eating broccoli because it’s good for you (that stuff is awful, just awful).  Sure, I’ve always wanted to play disc golf at a higher level than I do.  But that want alone is too easily overpowered by a warm bed and a snooze button.

I’m guessing a lot of you can relate.  “I’ll get to it tomorrow” is a commonly heard expression when it comes to self discipline of any kind.  It’s not until that easy out is taken away that we start to see real success.  We tend to work better under pressure.  We tend to be more effective when is accountability and a deadline involved in our goals.

Have you had trouble sticking to a practice plan?  Have you had issues following through on your commitments to get better at disc golf?  Do you find yourself playing rounds instead of practicing putting?  This week we explore one possible way to fix all that and stick to your practice plans.

Check it out over at the Mind Body Disc blog!

State of Disc Golf: What is in OUR bags? | Infinite Discs Blog


What is in OUR bags?

In the past few blog posts concerning the State of Disc Golf Survey, we have established that Innova is the most popular manufacturer in the disc golf world. It was chosen as the favorite brand in every demographic. However, even though Innova led all other manufacturers in popularity, according to our survey, less than 4% of us throw exclusively Innova. As we all know from interacting with other disc golfers, even though we may favor one brand, most of use throw discs from a variety of manufacturers. This blog will explore the variety of brands we throw and give us a good snapshot of what is in our bags.




First let’s look at the popularity of the brands that are in our bags. The survey didn’t ask how many discs we had of each brand ­— that would have been too time consuming. It simply asked which brands could be found in our bags. Not surprisingly, the brand that most of us throw is Innova, with 87% of us keeping at least one of their discs in our bag. The next most popular brand is Discraft at 69%. Latitude 64 has 42% of respondents throwing their brand. Dynamic Discs is the fourth most popular disc in our bags at 35%. Rounding out the top five was Prodigy at 28%. Westside, Gateway, and MVP were just a couple of percentage points behind Prodigy, sitting at 26%, 24%, and 23% respectively.

Read full article at the Infinite Discs Blog.

Course Correction

pop quiz
pop quiz

How many old farts out there can name the movie?

Pop quiz hot shot.

You are playing in a tournament.  Your last four putts have hit the front of the basket instead of going in.  That includes one 10 foot “tap in gimme” putt.  What do you do?

You are playing in a doubles round on a wooded course.  Your last 3 tunnel shots have been shanked right and into the woods. You are stepping up to tee off on yet another tunnel shot.  What do you do?  WHAT DO YOU DO?!?!?!?!?

These are situations that most of us have experienced at one time or another.  If you’ve been playing any length of time, it’s probably happened to you a lot.  You go out with the best of intentions to play a solid round only to find that one part of your game is unexplainably broken.  The worst part is you can’t seem to fix it.

The first step to fixing the problem is knowing what it really is.  How do you figure that out?  Find out over on the Mind Body Disc blog.

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out our weekly tip and get your weekly dose of disc golf motivation!

Ernie the First Tee Tree – Episode 4 | Infinite Discs Blog

Ernie the First Tee Tree

Ernie the First Tee Tree

Ernie the First Tee Tree – Episode 4 | Infinite Discs Blog.

Do our Demographics Affect Our Choice of Discs?

Infinite Discs

State of Disc Golf 2015: Do Our Demographics Affect Our Choice of Brands?

In a previous blog discussing the results of the 2015 State of Disc Golf survey, we focused on which disc golf brands we like the most and how that has changed from last year. (If you missed it, click HERE) This blog will look at who we are and whether that affects what brands we throw.

Who are we?

According to the survey, we are male (94%), live in California (7%), are 30-35 years old (23%), consider ourselves Intermediate disc golfers (45%), have been playing for 5-9 years (25%), played 10-15 different courses in 2014 (29%) and have a Bachelor’s Degree (35%). Half of us are currently married, while 43% have never been married.

We also belong to disc golf clubs (57%), own either 21-30 discs or 41-60 discs (tied at 14%), bought 10-14 new discs last year (18%), lost 1-3 discs (48%), chose disc golf as a favorite sport to play (85%), and football as a favorite sport to follow (35%. Disc golf was second at 27%).
After examining all the demographic statistics, we wanted to see if there were trends based on certain aspects of the demographics. For example, does the age of the respondent affect which brand they consider their favorite? Or the skill level? Or the education?

We considered most the attributes of the average survey respondent, listed above, and compared them to the overall list of favorite discs. And, spoiler alert, the results were kind of boring. Regardless of the demographic, nearly all of the results were within a point or two of the overall favorites. There were only a few exceptions, and even those were not extremely far from the overall numbers. They are worth mentioning, though, because of possible long-term ramifications.

Just to recap the previous blog, the top six favorite brands were: Innova (48%), Discraft (12%), Latitude 64 (10%), Dynamic Discs (6%), and MVP and Prodigy tied at 5%.

Disc golf experience

The first question we looked at was “When did you start playing disc golf?” We wanted to see if the length of time we have been playing had any effect on which brands we preferred. The biggest variation from the average results occurred among players who have only been playing a year or less. This was not a large sample size, representing only about 1.5% of the total respondents, so the overall significance of the results carry less weight. Still, this will be an interesting group to watch over the next couple of years. Players from this experience group still chose Innova as their favorite brand, but by a much smaller margin. Only 31% of respondents in this group picked Innova as their favorite, compared to 48% overall. Discraft and Latitude 64 results stayed close to the same as the total results. MVP, Dynamic Discs, Axiom, and Discmania all bumped up several percentage points (see chart for numbers).

Near the other end of the experience spectrum were those who have been playing between 35-44 years. This group made up 3.2% of the respondents. Among them, 42% listed Innova as their favorite, while 15% of them chose Discraft, 3% more than overall. MVP, Dynamic Discs, and Prodigy all held 8% of the vote in this group, which represented an increase for all three brands. Westside was consistent with their overall score.

Read full article at InfiniteDiscs.com

The Quest, A Disc Golf Parable



“Alex was pretty sure he was going to lose a couple of toes after this.  The cold had crept through his clothing and into his bones days ago.  At first it was uncomfortable.  Then it was painful.  Now he was just numb.  He was glad the pain was gone, but he was coming to grips with the prospect that the lack of feeling in his extremities was a sign of something terrible to come.

For now he was just concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other, fully committed to completing his mission.  The thought of turning back was a luxury he couldn’t allow himself.  He had passed the point of no return days ago.  There was no way in hell that he would come this far just to back out.”

And now for something completely different over at the Mind Body Disc blog.  I love books that teach with parables, so a while back when this one popped in my had, I had to write it down.  Find out about the quest that Alex has set out on.  Is it one that you or someone you know has taken too?

Check out our first piece of disc golf fiction over on the Mind Body Disc blog!

Focus, not concentration

be the ball

be the ball

Right now, at this moment, you have focus.  You are sitting there looking at a screen and reading this post.  You didn’t have to try to do that, you just did it.  You didn’t have to get yourself prepared, put yourself into a particular position, psych yourself up, or anything else.  You simply opened the post and started reading.  You aren’t thinking about background noises, how you are holding your phone/tablet/computer, or what your left foot feels like.  You are simply reading.  You have focus.

That, it turns out, is vastly different from concentration.  Concentration is what you had to do when you first learned to read.  You had to sit up straight, get the right lighting, make everyone else in the room be quiet, and stare at the words and letters on the page until they made sense.  It was hard, and sometimes you screwed up.  The slightest thing took you away from doing it at all.

When Ty Webb was trying to teach Danny to be a great golfer in Caddyshack, he didn’t tell him to concentrate.  He told him, “be the ball, Danny”.  Of course it sounds much better to say, “be the disc”, but I don’t think Bushwood allowed disc golfers.  What Ty was trying to teach was that there is a difference between concentration and focus.  One is hard, requires effort, and can be broken.  The other is effortless, light, and stays with you through distraction.

How do you get more focus?  Find out over at the Mind Body Disc blog.

Also, don’t miss out on this week’s tip.  It’s especially valuable if you plan on leaving the planet any time soon.

And of course, our weekly dose of motivation will have you ready to push through the hardest of times.

Site visits continue through the winter for Explore Disc Golf

Explore Disc Golf

One may not think the dead middle of winter is a great time to design disc golf courses, but it sure is! Two of the most difficult parts of the design process — thorough site analysis and collection of water — become very apparent in the winter. As you can see in the pictures below, we can quickly do a quick overview of vast expanses due to the lack of vegetation. This especially makes things easy when we are presented with a 500-acre camp like the one we visited a couple weeks ago in Pennsylvania. The camp had two streams, over a dozen smaller “pods” for individualized groups and a slew of historic buildings. Snowshoes and long johns were in order for this trip, but it got a jump start on a project that is set to be complete by early May.

The beginner friendly 9-hole layout would connect to this camp and the ropes course along the wood line, where towering maples and hickory trees are located amidst rolling topography.

The HeavyDisc Roundup



Lots of HeavyDisc articles to get caught up on!

Jason recounts the long road to 100 posts, shares some exciting news and hears from a big distance thrower who made an awesome break-through with his golf distance.

Chris has an absolutely amazing two part series on making form changes and helping them stick. I can’t recommend these enough! Part one. Part two.

TAFL Hols hits us with a two part series as well, diving into his thoughts on putting. Definitely don’t miss these guys. Part one. Part two.

Final Round Radio #7 – Gregg Barsby

Cast and Gregg Barsby

Cast and Gregg Barsby

Final Round Radio recorded an extra episode as Gregg Barsby came into Charlotte, NC. Although it was a last minute recording, it ended up being a fantastic and entertaining recording. The shirt being held is a gift Gregg gave us for being on, courtesy of Justin Papa-Bear Parker out of Chico, CA!

The show is nothing short of entertaining and at times milk might be coming out of your nose!

It’s hard to say anything else, except that we hope you enjoy it!

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Putting Your Game on Auto Pilot

Bonus points if you remember this movie or this auto pilot's name!
Bonus points if you remember this movie or this auto pilot's name!

Bonus points if you remember this movie or this auto pilot’s name!

We all have bad disc golf habits.  Some of us don’t follow through.  Others don’t practice putting.  Some don’t stretch out before rounds.  Some have weird quirks that have worked their way into their throws over time.  This could be a really long list.

We could also make an equally long list of good disc golf habits.  Some have a solid preshot routine.  Others visualize every shot.  Some of us have a regular practice regimen.  A couple of really great habits you should all have is reading Talk DG and the Mind Body Disc blog!

In the end, what is evident is that most of what we do in life, and most of what we do in disc golf, is the result of habit.  It’s just what we do automatically.  It’s the pattern we fall into when we move through our days.  Habit is the autopilot of our live’s.  Where do these habits come from?  In general, they come from two places.

Find out how to build good disc golf habits over at the Mind Body Disc blog!

Also, make sure you didn’t miss out on this week’s tip, or this week’s motivation either.

MVP Plasma Ion review with Mike C

MVP Plasma Ion

Skulboy Designs restock


Skulboy has updated the Skulboy Store with all his MVP molds, Legacy Outlaw and Latitude 64 discs.

Also there is the Innova swirly mini with new Skulboy Designed OG logo for the 1st Disc Golf course in the world, Oak Grove in Pasadena, CA.



And be sure to check out the Skulboy Designs website to see the latest artwork, interview and everything Disc Golf.