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Over 7,500 sold which means the approximately 200,000 discs are stored safely in the Box4Discs Storage Solution.

Replacing A Disc That Can’t Be Replaced

I not only didn't lose the black on, but I got an ace with it later that year.

I saw it immediately. I was missing my prized red Wizard. I felt my stomach drop. I knew exactly where that disc was. In a fit of heat induced delirium, I left it in the 18th basket. I was so hot and exhausted and ready to be done with the round that I just left it there. I couldn’t believe I’d been so stupid. How in the world do you leave your putter in the basket and walk away?!?!

At that time, I carried two Wizards. One red and one black. Both were this incredibly perfect chalky plastic. They were sent to me by Gotta Go Gotta Throw after talking to them on the phone and telling them that, as a newb, I was having a hard time finding a putter I liked. They said to trust them, they had just the thing. I played with those two putters and only those two putters for the first 3 years I played.

I not only didn't lose the black on, but I got an ace with it later that year.

I not only didn’t lose the black on, but I got an ace with it later that year.

Wizards only get better with age, and mine had aged to perfection. Here I was, staring at my bag, and all I could see was the giant gaping hole where that red Wizard should have been. The black one looked so lonely. Even though my name and number were on the missing putter, I never got a call. I’m not surprised, people suck sometimes.

After I beat myself up pretty good for a week and jumped every time my phone rang, I launched my quest to find a replacement. If you aren’t familiar with the Wizard, they come in about 7,464 different plastics. It’s infuriating (and one of the reasons I no longer throw Gateway putters). I must have bought every “chalky” wizard I could find on line. I called every disc golf store listed and described what I was looking for. I called the Gateway store in St. Louis and bought a box of a bunch of different “chalky” wizards they had. It wasn’t a small box either. You wouldn’t believe how many different kinds of “chalky” they had.

In my mind, none of them could replace the one I had lost. I was devastated.

Find out what to do if you find yourself in this situation at Mind Body Disc.

4 All-Terrain Strollers: Keep You in the Game

4 All Terrain Strollers: Keep You in the Game - Disc Golf Family

4 All Terrain Strollers: Keep You in the Game - Disc Golf Family


Just because you have a new little one to take care of does not mean that your discing days (or any outdoor activity you enjoy for that matter) have to be over.  Babies and little toddlers bring so much joy into a family. However, with these new little bundles of joy, be it your first or your 8th, there comes change and adaptation, great love and big decisions.

Manufacturers have answered the demand of the modern active outdoors parent with some really cool equipment.  Now, you don’t have to leave your baby with a sitter every time you want to play disc golf, and you will not have to wait until your child is old enough to walk the course before you play again either.

I have done some research for you, and I have selected the four all-terrain strollers listed below for your consideration. I chose these strollers based on the high rating they received from reviewers.

There are other all-terrain strollers available out there, but their ratings were not as good. For instance, some strollers had multiple complaints about pieces on the stroller breaking on them, which of course is not safe for either the child or the parent.

Now, these are not your average 4-wheeled baby strollers that you push as you casually walk around the grocery store or stroll through the mall. These are 3-wheeled, All-Terrain strollers. These are the SUV’s of strollers. These are what you want to take with you when the call of the disc golf course is beckoning you to come and play.

Before I present these strollers I must state that I have not used any of these personally.  My kids are 14 and 12 and I haven’t had to use any type of stroller in a long time.  However, I have researched the strollers and read over the reviews of each of them, and I can assure you that if by some strange chance I was blessed with another child I would be getting one of these strollers...

To read the rest of this article, go to: http://discgolffamily.com/4-all-terrain-strollers-stride-well/

The Return of the Brent Hambrick Memorial Open


The Brent Hambrick Memorial Open is back on the PDGA National Tour once again and is ready to rock here in Westerville, OH on the infamous courses built on and around the Hoover Reservoir. This event holds a special place in the hearts of the hundreds of people that were directly affected by the loss of Brent Hambrick to Leukemia in 1997. Brent was one of the most respected tournament directors in the world, bringing a new level of professionalism, organization, and attention to detail to the sport.

Read the full story on PDGA.com…


Who Says There Are No Books For Disc Golf?

A small portion of the library that takes up space in almost every room of my house.

After disc golf, books are where a great deal of my discretionary income goes.  At any given time, I usually have about three books I’m reading.  Typically, that’s one fiction, one non fiction, and one technical “how to” book.  Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved getting lost in a great story, learning about the world I live in, and learning new skills. When I started playing disc golf 10 years ago, a book search was one of the first things I did.  I learn from reading better than almost any other way.  It’s just how I’m wired.  To my disappointment, I found nothing.

Go to your local book store, and there’s usually a decent sized sports section.  There are books about just about every sport you can imagine.  I was just at Barnes & Noble the other day and not only did they have huge sections full of books about all the major sports (football, baseball, soccer, etc.), but lots of sports you would never think there would be a book about.  There’s several about juggling.  There’s a book about bocce ball.  There’s one about darts.  There’s a few about being a ninja!

A small portion of the library that takes up space in almost every room of my house.

A small portion of the library that takes up space in almost every room of my house.

Is there anything about disc golf?  Nope.  Well, not at first glance anyway.  I have literally hundreds of books around my house.  I realized something a while ago. While there might not be any (well there is one) directly about disc golf, there are a ton of books that can be applied directly to disc golf. For that reason, I thought it might be helpful to you bookworms out there to compile a list of books that I’ve read that have significantly helped my disc golf game.

So, for your reading enjoyment, I present the Mind Body Disc disc golf reading list!  (I’ve also added this list to the menu bar on the blog, so you can come back and peruse it any time you want)  I hope you get as much from these as I have.

View the Mind Body Disc reading list here!

3 Disc Golf Courses with Unusual Targets

3 Disc Golf Courses with Unusual Targets - Disc Golf Family

3 Disc Golf Courses with Unusual Targets - Disc Golf Family


The “disc pole hole,” invented by “Steady” Ed Headrick in 1975, has become the standard for disc golf targets.  Whether it is the Discraft Chainstar, the Innova DISCatcher Pro, or the DGA Mach X, all of the modern disc golf basket designs are based on Ed Headrick’s design.  Almost every disc golf course out there uses the commercially manufactured “children” of the pole hole. 


However, there are a few courses that choose to break from the norm.  Some of theses courses employ Steady Ed’s basic design but use different materials than the typical metal commercial baskets, while others develop a target design all their own or they may harken back to target designs that pre-date the pole hole.  In this article I present three courses that are bucking the standard for disc golf targets.


Re-Tire, Foyil, OK

This course in northern Oklahoma has decided to take a different approach to recycling. In an effort to take better care of the environment, owner, Kenny Morton, has made great use of old tires.  Rather than throw in to the landfills, he makes them into unique baskets for his course.


To read the rest of this article, go to: http://discgolffamily.com/3-disc-golf-courses-unusual-targets/

Pure Hyzer Productions


A friend of mine, Paavo Stubstad, has started a disc golf video production company – Pure Hyzer Productions. After releasing his first video, we decided to partner-up and see how we could help each other promote the sport of disc golf. Here is his first video:


YouTube Preview Image

Stay tuned at DBFreeDiscGolf for future videos and updates from Pure Hyzer Productions.

Why I Am Finally Going to Wear Sunscreen on the Disc Golf Course


You would think that finding out my Mother had skin cancer would be enough to get me to start wearing sunscreen during the countless hours I spend on the disc golf course.  Apparently I am a special kind of stupid.  Between the time she was diagnosed a little over a month ago and the time she had what the doctors were describing as a “minor procedure” to remove the cancer from her nose, I spent a good 60 hours on the course with no protection.  Just like I had for years before that.


Why?  That’s a great question.  In a word, denial.  First, even though it was Mom, it was still somebody else.  Second, we’ve all heard we need to wear sunscreen a million times.  Even though we’ve all heard it, very few disc golfers I know do it.  Third, I think we all retain a bit of the invincibility complex we get as kids.  Bad things don’t happen to us, just other people, right?  Finally, the doctors were all making this out to be something that was no big deal.  All she needed was a minor outpatient procedure.  She’d be in and out in no time.  They see this all the time, nothing to worry about.  It was almost like they had just told her she needed her wisdom teeth out.

If you don’t currently wear sunscreen, you need to hear about this “minor procedure” that my Mom had to go through last week.  It may just be the final nudge you need to start using it regularly.

Warning.  This post is graphic in nature and may be disturbing to some readers.  If you are squeamish, you may not want to read it.  Even if you are, though, I encourage you to read on.  Sometimes it’s only through the pain and suffering of others that we learn lessons that may save us from that very same pain and suffering ourselves.

Read the full article at Mind Body Disc.

Axiom Envy


This is a collection of good throws with my favorite disc, the Axiom Envy!  Make sure you catch the ending :)


YouTube Preview Image

August newsletter from Explore Disc Golf


Night Flight presented by Explore Disc Golf is born!
We are so unbelievably excited to showcase our newest offering, Night Flight! After years of planning, Explore Disc Golf unveiled this night time disc golf course at The Peach Music Festival in Scranton, PA to the 20,000 patrons in attendance with the help of their friends at SJP Productions. Night Flight was brought to life on 3 holes of The Mobile Disc Golf Experience on a highly visible piece of land adjacent to the main walkway between the amphitheater and water park. The course was open from 8:00am until 2:00am and saw over 1,000 users throughout the weekend!

To read our newsletter in its entirety, click here.

Night Flight

The 1st green of Night Flight presented by Explore Disc Golf at Peach Music Festival in Scranton, PA. Lights galore!



Ace of a Disc Golf Day

Ace of a Disc Golf Day - Disc Golf Family

Ace of a Disc Golf Day - Disc Golf Family


What a huge day for disc golf this Saturday, August the 16th was!

My family was perched on the edge of our seats as we watched live the finish of the PDGA World Championships Open Division. Along with the “throngs” of people in the gallery (to quote “Crazy” John Brooks in his commentary on the event) and the approximately 3,000 people watching online, we gazed in nerve-racking amazement to watch the five hole playoff round between Paul McBeth and Ricky Wysocki. Of course we cheered for McBeth as he capitalized on Wysocki’s 2nd throw mistake (it hit a tree maybe 20 feet in front of him) to become a three time in a row World Champion!

A few hours before McBeth took his win in Oregon, a considerably lesser known and considerably less skilled disc golf player took a win in Azle, Texas…me.


Discraft Ace Race, Azle, TX

My kids and I played in a Discraft Ace Race Tournament held at Ash Creek Park in Azle, Texas along with 20 to 30 other players. Colette (mom) has been suffering from a knee injury for four weeks now (she had joint fluid removed, but it is still far from healed). So, she was unable to play.

The tournament was hosted by The Disc Shop in Fort Worth, and they did a good job for only their second tournament to host (they only opened their doors this March 2014). Go check out their store if you are in the Fort Worth area. (http://www.thediscshopfw.net/)…


To read the rest of this article, go to: http://discgolffamily.com/ace-of-disc-golf-day/

Controlling the Distance of Your Up Shots

target post

Oddly enough, my back injury was one of the best things that could have happened to my disc golf game.  I threw from a stand still for 2 straight years.  Partly because I was still finishing up my recovery.  Partly because I was scared to death of having to go through all that pain and struggle again.  I’m pretty confident in saying that learning to throw from a stand still is the single biggest thing a disc golfer can do to improve their game as a whole.  Only being able to throw with no steps or run up meant that all I could work on other than putting was my disc golf up shot technique.

target post

In any given round, a minimum of half of my throws are with no x step.    While I use the stand still on every type of throw and with every type of disc, it’s most valuable on approaches from about 250′ and in.  Get me within that range with a putter in my hand and it’s by far the most confident I ever am on the disc golf course.

Find out how you can get there too at Mind Body Disc!

It’s Up, It’s Good!!!

Goal Post

I had arrived at the local football field about 2 hours earlier.  Joining me that day was a bag full of 20 distance drivers.  I was on a mission.  I was not going home until either my arm fell off or I broke 360 feet.  I didn’t just want to break 360′ once, I wanted to be able to do it at will.  What’s special about 360′?  It’s the distance from the back of one end zone to the back of the other.  It’s an arbitrary distance, but one I hadn’t been able to throw on purpose.  It represented breaking a plateau I’d been on for some while.  330′ was doable on command.  That extra 30′, though, was giving me fits.

Goal Post

Throw after throw after throw I eyeballed the far goal post.  I threw as hard as I could.  I threw on every line I could think of.  My wrist was sore.  I had two blisters on my throwing hand.  My right lat was killing me.  My shoulder felt like it was on fire.  But I’m a stubborn SOB and I refused to give up until I achieved my goal.

I got there before my arm fell off!  Find out how at Mind Body Disc.

Brooktrails Fundraiser Tournament

Bridge to the first green at Brooktrails
Bridge to the first green at Brooktrails

Bridge to the first green at Brooktrails

Recently, ball golf courses have been adding disc golf holes in order to help keep smaller courses open. This is the best possible situation for the growth of disc golf.

I often discuss the positive aspects of ball golf courses and clubs. I don’t see any reason why we can’t go to manicured courses with clubhouses and pro-shops too. There are several ways disc golf is superior to ball golf and there are many ways disc golf can help ball golf. Disc Golf and ball golf are becoming partners.

Read the rest of the story here.

You Can’t Control Your Score – #discgolf


The second round on Sunday started at 1:40.  The first round had gone really well.  For the first time in recent memory, I was going into the second round in the lead.  The guys in advanced masters are always great competition.  Sunday was no different.  That made things that much more exciting for me.  I wasn’t winning because my competition was playing poorly.  I was playing some of the best disc golf that I’ve ever played in a tourney.  I had played really well on Saturday too.  While I was very happy with my Saturday performance (I cashed and took a CTP), Sunday was shaping up to be something special.


Pre tournament players meeting.

I dream about playing well in tournaments.  They have always been a challenge for me.  For 10 years, they have been a string of mostly disappointing performances.  It’s always seemed that no matter how well my practice rounds and field work go leading up to an event, I could never pull it together in competition.  Taking my practice performance and translating that to a tournament has been the single biggest challenge I’ve faced playing disc golf.  It drives me absolutely crazy.  It’s even caused me to consider not playing anymore on several occasions.

Unfortunately, today would turn out to be no different.  I failed to execute once again.  But this time I extracted an incredibly important lesson.  For the first time ever, I now know why I don’t play as well in tournaments as I do in practice.  To find out why, read the rest at Mind Body Disc!