Focus, not concentration

be the ball

be the ball

Right now, at this moment, you have focus.  You are sitting there looking at a screen and reading this post.  You didn’t have to try to do that, you just did it.  You didn’t have to get yourself prepared, put yourself into a particular position, psych yourself up, or anything else.  You simply opened the post and started reading.  You aren’t thinking about background noises, how you are holding your phone/tablet/computer, or what your left foot feels like.  You are simply reading.  You have focus.

That, it turns out, is vastly different from concentration.  Concentration is what you had to do when you first learned to read.  You had to sit up straight, get the right lighting, make everyone else in the room be quiet, and stare at the words and letters on the page until they made sense.  It was hard, and sometimes you screwed up.  The slightest thing took you away from doing it at all.

When Ty Webb was trying to teach Danny to be a great golfer in Caddyshack, he didn’t tell him to concentrate.  He told him, “be the ball, Danny”.  Of course it sounds much better to say, “be the disc”, but I don’t think Bushwood allowed disc golfers.  What Ty was trying to teach was that there is a difference between concentration and focus.  One is hard, requires effort, and can be broken.  The other is effortless, light, and stays with you through distraction.

How do you get more focus?  Find out over at the Mind Body Disc blog.

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Site visits continue through the winter for Explore Disc Golf

Explore Disc Golf

One may not think the dead middle of winter is a great time to design disc golf courses, but it sure is! Two of the most difficult parts of the design process — thorough site analysis and collection of water — become very apparent in the winter. As you can see in the pictures below, we can quickly do a quick overview of vast expanses due to the lack of vegetation. This especially makes things easy when we are presented with a 500-acre camp like the one we visited a couple weeks ago in Pennsylvania. The camp had two streams, over a dozen smaller “pods” for individualized groups and a slew of historic buildings. Snowshoes and long johns were in order for this trip, but it got a jump start on a project that is set to be complete by early May.

The beginner friendly 9-hole layout would connect to this camp and the ropes course along the wood line, where towering maples and hickory trees are located amidst rolling topography.

The HeavyDisc Roundup



Lots of HeavyDisc articles to get caught up on!

Jason recounts the long road to 100 posts, shares some exciting news and hears from a big distance thrower who made an awesome break-through with his golf distance.

Chris has an absolutely amazing two part series on making form changes and helping them stick. I can’t recommend these enough! Part one. Part two.

TAFL Hols hits us with a two part series as well, diving into his thoughts on putting. Definitely don’t miss these guys. Part one. Part two.

Final Round Radio #7 – Gregg Barsby

Cast and Gregg Barsby

Cast and Gregg Barsby

Final Round Radio recorded an extra episode as Gregg Barsby came into Charlotte, NC. Although it was a last minute recording, it ended up being a fantastic and entertaining recording. The shirt being held is a gift Gregg gave us for being on, courtesy of Justin Papa-Bear Parker out of Chico, CA!

The show is nothing short of entertaining and at times milk might be coming out of your nose!

It’s hard to say anything else, except that we hope you enjoy it!

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Putting Your Game on Auto Pilot

Bonus points if you remember this movie or this auto pilot's name!
Bonus points if you remember this movie or this auto pilot's name!

Bonus points if you remember this movie or this auto pilot’s name!

We all have bad disc golf habits.  Some of us don’t follow through.  Others don’t practice putting.  Some don’t stretch out before rounds.  Some have weird quirks that have worked their way into their throws over time.  This could be a really long list.

We could also make an equally long list of good disc golf habits.  Some have a solid preshot routine.  Others visualize every shot.  Some of us have a regular practice regimen.  A couple of really great habits you should all have is reading Talk DG and the Mind Body Disc blog!

In the end, what is evident is that most of what we do in life, and most of what we do in disc golf, is the result of habit.  It’s just what we do automatically.  It’s the pattern we fall into when we move through our days.  Habit is the autopilot of our live’s.  Where do these habits come from?  In general, they come from two places.

Find out how to build good disc golf habits over at the Mind Body Disc blog!

Also, make sure you didn’t miss out on this week’s tip, or this week’s motivation either.

MVP Plasma Ion review with Mike C

MVP Plasma Ion

Skulboy Designs restock


Skulboy has updated the Skulboy Store with all his MVP molds, Legacy Outlaw and Latitude 64 discs.

Also there is the Innova swirly mini with new Skulboy Designed OG logo for the 1st Disc Golf course in the world, Oak Grove in Pasadena, CA.



And be sure to check out the Skulboy Designs website to see the latest artwork, interview and everything Disc Golf.

Final Round Radio #6 – Jeremy Koling

Cast and Big Jerm

Cast and Big Jerm

Jeremy Koling joined Final Round Radio before he starts up his touring season. Listen in to “Big Jerm” drop some knowledge about how he learned his forehand and what he thinks about team Prodigy. Big thanks to Jeremy and all the audience members for making this such a fun episode!

Listen and/or download HERE

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Training on the Road to the 2015 GBO

GBO misc

GBO misc

As I prepare for the 2015 GBO and the 2015 disc golf season in general, I try to mimic what a lot of professional athletes do in other sports to prepare for their seasons.  There are a lot of aspects to preparing to win.  Putting practice, field work, practice rounds, flexibility training, meditation, visualization, and strength training are just some of those things.

In every other sport out there, strength training is an integral part of any top athlete’s performance.  Despite what some people will say, disc golf is not different.  There are nothing but positive things that come from it.  The only negative for me is actually doing it!  I love having worked out, but I really don’t like the act of actually doing it.  Until recently.

As I have been searching for the perfect way to train for both a healthy body and direct disc golf benefit, I’ve tried a lot of things.  A few weeks ago, I started regularly working with a new implement and program.  Nothing I’ve done up to this point has been as simple, fun, or effective as what I’ve been doing.  Find out what it is and how it helps your disc golf game over at the Mind Body Disc blog!

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Do you play solo rounds?  I also put up a small post on that as well, check it out!

Disc Golf Answer Man Ep 067

Disc Golf Answer Man Ep 067

Rocky Mountain Disc Golf ClubIn this episode Bobby interviews Ray Woodruff and Doug Bjerkaas about the upcoming Rocky Mountain Disc Golf Championships that will be played in Superior, Colorado. Women Disc Golfers come from all over to play in this unique where caddies carry their bags around the course. You can learn more about the Mile High Disc Golf Club and the event at

Pro Disc Golfer Dixon Jowers is back with some more tips on improving your Disc Golf game and then of course Eric McCabe takes on your Disc Golf questions.

New Discs for 2015 | Infinite Discs Blog

Infinite Discs - 2015

New Golf Discs for 2015

As the disc golf world continues to grow, so do the number of new disc models. Last year there were more than 70 new disc models introduced by more than a dozen different disc manufacturers. If historic disc manufacturing trends continue, this number will only increase this year.

Here’s what we know about new discs that will be released in 2015:

InnovaInnova VRoc

From PDGA approval and promotional releases, we know that Innova will release a putter (the Whale) and the new midrange (VRoc).

Innova has also mentioned that there will actually be three different VRoc versions released throughout the year.



We haven’t heard any news about new releases coming out from Discraft, but … Read more about New Golf Discs for 2015 | Infinite Discs Blog.

Fundraiser for It’s About Time Tour Part II – JohnE McCray

JohnEMccray box mock600

JohnEMccray box mock600

Custom Fundraiser Boxes for the It’s About Time Tour Part II and Johne”It’s About Time” McCray – this offer remains open until 2/15/2015.

Proceeds from each of these Limited Edition boxes go straight to the tour so it’s Time to buy some boxes.

These are being sold as a PREORDER so get your order in early and don’t miss out… Don’t forget to use the 20% discount code of TALKdg before you check out.

The One Thing…

GBO misc

GBO misc

Blogs, magazine articles, podcasts, forum posts, and FaceBook updates.  All of those places like to promote that they have the “one thing” that will help you the most.  The “one technique” that will help you throw farther.  The “one practice drill” that will improve your putting more than any other.  The “one trick” that will keep your head in the game and allow you to win.

I’m guilty of that too.  If you look through the ever growing archives of articles I’ve put up over on the Mind Body Disc blog, you’ll see I’ve contributed my fair share of hyperbole.  Nobody wants to read an article about the 14th most effective way to improve something, right?

If you’ve been following along on the blog (and I know you have because all the cool kids read my blog and you’re one of the cool kids, right?), you know I’ve been preparing for the 2015 Glass Blown Open.  While I am coming along nicely in my preparation, the articles I write each week really aren’t all that much related to the GBO.  The posts I put up are really just a thinly veiled way to present lessons in how to get better at disc golf.

And guess what?  This week I talk about THE ONE thing that is most important in getting performing well on the disc golf course.  It’s not only THE ONE thing most important to disc golf it’s THE ONE thing that many experts agree is the most important factor in your success at anything in life!  Whoa, now that’s a blog post you just can’t wait to read, right?!

Well, what are you waiting for?  Head on over and check it out at the Mind Body Disc blog.

While you are there, don’t miss this week’s tip or this week’s bit of motivation!

Oh, and if you just can’t get enough of me (and really, who can?), make sure you check out the third installment of “Mind Over Plastic”, my contribution to the Disc Golf Answer Man podcast!

Disc Golf Answer Man Ep 066


We announce a winner for our Prime Disc Golf Starter Set w/ Cadet Bag and talk about Eric McCabe’s upcoming trip to Lewisville, Texas for the 2015 Winter Warm Up. If you are planning out your tournament travels for February and you are in the Texas or Kansas area be sure to check out the tournament schedule page to see if there is one near you.

Tim is back from Mind Body Discs for another segment for Mind Over Plastic. In this segment he talks about using visualization to help you improve your game. Every successful player in any sport uses visualization to help them in competition and Tim walks you through the steps to help you make it a part of your disc golf game.


We also announce a new tournament sponsorship opportunity that is being offered by Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64º, and Westside Discs. They are providing over 50 tournament sponsorship packages. You can register your event by clicking here.


Thanks for sending in your disc golf questions and thanks for listening.

Final Round Radio #5 – Michael Johansen

Cast and MJ

Cast and MJMichael Johansen (PDGA #20300 : 1026 Rated) is one of the most well liked disc golfers in the world. The Final Round Radio crew in Charlotte, NC brought him in for a fun and entertaining podcast where the main talking point was “The Mental Game” of the sport. We’ve never seen MJ get flustered or mad on the course and it’s something that we all inspire to become.

Listen to the episode HERE by downloading it or streaming it. Or if you prefer, search on iTunes for Final Round Radio and subscribe! Catch up on all our other episodes at!

Also, listen in and check out Final Round Radio on Facebook for a chance to win that sweet signed disc by MJ and the crew from Episode 5!