Wisdom Wednesday – Believe the Best

Photo Aug 26, 7 22 39 AM

Photo Aug 26, 7 22 39 AM

One of my favorite sayings is “Never attribute to malice what can be attributed to ignorance.” That’s basically saying the same thing as the picture above. If someone does you wrong. If someone hurts you in some way. The first thing to realize is that 9.5 times out of 10, it wasn’t intentional. It might be stupidity related, but it’s usually not on purpose. That means that we shouldn’t react like it was.

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The Brothers…..In Law

Dynamic Discs Warden and Judge


I did it. I finally got the disc I’ve been wanting for months. A Dynamic Discs Fluid Warden from one of my favorite online retailers Infinite Discs at the end of July. I chose a green 175g disc. I own a green 174g Warden in the Classic Soft plastic that I chose when at a Two Disc Challenge event last fall. It has been my go to putter on upshots and short holes off the tee.

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5 Things You Should Think About on All Approach Shots


critical approach shots

When we talk about disc golf, the overall object is to get the disc in the basket. The fewer throws that takes, the lower your scores. There is nowhere that more throws are shaved off of your score card than around the basket itself. Whether or not you agree with the old adage that you drive for show, there can be no doubt that we definitely putt for dough.

You hear a lot of people talk about how to improve putting. Most of that talk involves actual putting technique. What is not addressed very often is how to leave yourself putts you have a better chance of making. There are a few things that go into that. Today, we’ll be covering 5 of the things you need to think about when throwing your approach shots…

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Trolling….I Keel You


We had another great weekend of disc golf in the 2015 Ledgestone Insurance Open. This year being a PDGA tour National Tour stop, and carrying the largest payout in the history of the tour, it was set to be a great moment in the history of the sport. And it was, seeing Simon Lizotte win his first NT event over 4X World Champion Paul McBeth, it was quite a tournament. With the stroke and distance rule in effect for any out of bounds shot, the entire weekend was tough on a lot of competitors.

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August newsletter from Explore Disc Golf


New England College: Explore Disc Golf newest 9-hole disc golf course design!
While we are just now announcing this course design, this project dates back to September 2014 when our firm was first brought on site to conduct a feasibility study for a disc golf course on the New England College campus in Henniker, NH. Funding was approved over the winter months, contracts were signed in early summer, and our firm began Site Analysis and Inventory in mid-June. While the property has been Master Planned for an 18-hole layout, the course is currently going to be 9 holes — moving users to specimen trees, multiple rock outcroppings and throughout steep changes in elevation, while strengthening the connection from the center of campus to the disc golf course, ropes course and extensive trail infrastructure.

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New England College

Looking back up the fairway to the tee of the 337′ finishing hole at New England College.



Mission Mondays — Field Work


After my latest round, I’ve determined that my game needs work. Considering my amateur status and less than two years of play, shooting a 64 on a par 54 course was pretty good. I had a couple of birdies in a row, but carded several 5s along the way and a couple bogeys. Most of my miscues were due to errant drives or second shots. One went into the woods, resulting in two throws to get to where I could throw towards the basket. Another hole next to a softball/baseball field saw my Innova Teebird turn over and sail over the fence. A couple of missed putts and unfortunate upshots hurt my score as well.

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What’s your putter?

collage 2

IMG_20150320_154504Clearing the ground behind the mini, the right foot is planted just millimeters away from it. Standing upright in line with the basket, with the putter gripped with the right hand and held perpendicular to the ground. Pumping the disc up and down a few times, finally dropping the disc low and snapping up quick, it’s released on a line towards the basket. The wind picks up slightly, nudging the disc to cause a slight wobble. It fades towards the chains and…..

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Disc Golf’s ‘FSOT’ Super Saver Sample Set



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Found a sweet spot in the shipping tables… so here we go. Separately after discounts this bundle would add up to $129.73 but will ship lower 48 for $99.99 before any discounts applied.

You get 4 tray/lid combos, 16 dividers, 40 1st Class One Disc Mailers (these are the boxes that ship for $2.89 with free tracking through PayPal multi-shipping tool), 40 10×10 bubble pouches, 100 1.5 9×10 polybags and 36 bubble mailer inserts. This is enough storage for approx. 112 discs and safe and secure shipping for 76 discs.

If you are one of those guys that ships a single disc priority this package all but pays for itself in saved shipping costs.

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#2015proworlds = #Awesome

Paul McBeth 2015 MPO World Champ

Paul McBeth 2015 MPO World Champ

The 2015 PDGA World Championships is finally complete. Saturday saw the crowning of a slew of new champions, and several repeats as well. The two most coveted and contested divisions were the MPO and FPO. With 143 and 48 competitors in their respective divisions…..

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2015 Maple Hill Open – Round 4: Chase Card (Rovere, Schusterick, Koling, Feldberg)

Maple Hill Open - Round 4

Check out full coverage of the chase card’s final round at the 2015 Maple Hill Open. Featured in this video are 2014 Champion Jeremy Koling, Will Schusterick, Joe Rovere, and Dave Feldberg. Watch these pros duke it out for 18 holes in tough conditions, including an unbelievable ace!

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Lost and Found



Goodbye disc…..

It’s a club we have all been unfortunate enough to join at some point or another. Some people have joined the club on multiple occasions in the same round, as talked about in a Facebook post in the Disc Golf Answer Man group. One member said they lost an entire bag of 12-15 discs at Selah Ranch in Texas a few years ago over a couple of rounds. Another member of the group said they had lost 8 in one round a few years ago. I myself have only lost one disc…

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July newsletter from Explore Disc Golf

Saratoga 1

Explore Disc Golf’s first State Park course design comes to Saratoga Springs, NY!

Saratoga Spa State Park

Saratoga Spa State Park is one of the most popular of the New York State Parks!

It is with great excitement that we announce Explore Disc Golf is currently in the midst of it’s first disc golf course design at a State Park! Our newest course design comes from Saratoga Spa State Park in Saratoga Springs, NY where we will be designing a 2-tee/1-basket layout to form an 18-hole course that circumvents the popular Peerless Pool. The course will also be located in close proximity to Saratoga Performing Arts Center which is one of the most popular outdoor amphitheaters in the country. With a capacity of 25,000 people and an annual calendar of 20-25 concerts a year, the amphitheater attracts roughly 500,000 over the course of the summer — many of which spend their afternoons at Peerless Pool before the show. Talk about exposure!

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Top Disc Golf Discs of Q2 2015 | Infinite Discs Blog

Popular Discs of 2015

Innova dominates distance driver sales, and holds the top four spots. The Destroyer is not only the most popular selling distance driver, but it is our number 1 selling disc period. While no particular plastic for the Wraith and Beast sell significantly well, the large number of available plastic types keeps these discs in the Q2 top 10.

With the exception of the TeeBird which is our #3 selling disc for the quarter, fairway drivers typically don’t sell quite as much as distance drivers. For this quarter’s stats, Latitude 64 River sales numbers are likely down from what they should be because for a few weeks Dynamic Distribution was out of the River in its most popular selling plastic, Gold Line. We couldn’t sell what we didn’t have in stock.

The Vibram Trak, which is on it’s way out of production, made the top 10 and while the Latitude 64 Trident filled the bottom spot for Fairway/Control drivers. It ranks 77th overall for all discs sold by Infinite during the second quarter of 2015.

For those who have played disc golf for a while, it’s no surprise that the Discraft Buzzz is still the top selling midrange, and our number 2 selling disc overall. It’s their Midranges, especially the Buzzz family, that keep Discraft sales up. Discraft sales numbers were likely inflated for Infinite Discs as we are one of the exclusive dealers for limited Ledgestone Edition discs.

The Gateway Wizard is still our most popular selling putter despite the fact that we had supplier break downs that kept our stock from staying where it should have been. During this quarter the Wizard was our 5th most popular selling disc overall, just one spot ahead of the DD Judge.  Finding its way in the top ten, the MVP Ion was our 41st most popular disc for the quarter. With four of the top 10 putters manufactured by MVP, this fast growing disc manufacturer shows how mainstream GYRO is becoming in the disc golf world. The PA-3 is the only Prodigy disc that has made any of our top 10’s during the second quarter.

Read full article: Top Disc Golf Discs of 2015 | Infinite Discs Blog.

2015 Maple Hill Open, Round 3 – Schusterick, Hastings, Rovere, Bowers

Maple Hill Open

Check out Round 3 of the 2015 Maple Hill Open featuring Will Schusterick, Dan Hastings, Joe Rovere, and Logan Bowers. The scores stay tight from start to finish! You won’t want to miss this!

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Pluto Sports

2015 Maple Hill Open, Round Two – Schusterick, Todd, Rico, Barsby

Maple Hill Open

The Disc Eye followed the feature card for Round two of the 2015 Maple Hill Open! Watch the awesome foursome Will Schusterick, Cam Todd, Steve Rico, and Gregg Barsby. Don’t miss the round by Barsby…

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