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Infinite Discs will be giving away 100 Free T-Shirts to disc golfers who write (or update existing) quality reviews. The more reviews you write/update, the more chances you have to win!

To be eligible, complete the following in the disc review sections on InfiniteDiscs.com:

1. Update the plastic type of the disc you are reviewing (if the disc you are reviewing has more than one plastic type).

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5-Stars – Must Have
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2-Stars – Below Average Disc
1-Star – Waste of Plastic

3. Update the recommendation for beginners.

4. Have a minimum of 75 words (or a video).

5. Update your flight ratings (do you think the disc flies exactly as the manufacturer said, or something different?).


UpdateInstructions2If you submit at least 12 reviews, you will be automatically eligible for a free T-Shirt.

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2015 Mind Body Disc GBO Wrap Up

Best Of-113

Best Of-113

Attending the 2015 GBO was one of the best experiences I’ve had in the 11 years I’ve played this great sport.  I don’t think any number of blog posts could satisfactorily describe the time that I had.  But after countless posts leading up to the event, numerous pictures posted on Instagram and Facebook, and probably more talking about the GBO than most of my readers really wanted to hear, we come to the end of it.

To wrap things up, I put up two posts over on the Mind Body Disc blog.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed the “Road to the GBO” posts for the last 5 months, but that road has come to an end for this year.

GBO Wrap Up Part 1

GBO Wrap Up Part 2

And remember, we aren’t going anywhere.  We are still putting up lots of new content each and every week, so please keep stopping by over at the Mind Body Disc blog!

Officially Licensed Discraft Disc Golf Buzzz trotterbox-deluxe




We are very proud to announce the availability of the Officially Licensed Discraft Disc Golf Buzzz trotterbox-deluxe. Remember to use the discount code of TALKdg to save 20% on your order. We will be taking preorders for 10 days before going into production…


Prodiscus Sparta Review from DG Weekly

DG Weekly - Sparta

This week I reviewed the newest putter from Prodiscus, the Sparta. The Sparta is talked about as the “understable compliment to the Jokeri.” While the Sparta compliments the Jokeri extremely well, I would not call it understable by any means. It is a very straight flying putter with extremely minimal fade.

Prodiscus is still, in North America, a relatively unknown disc manufacturer from Finland. Featuring some of the grippiest, and most durable plastic on the market I think it is only a matter of time before Prodiscus really gains some popularity in the United States.

Thanks everyone for watching, hope you enjoy the review!

Remember Why You Play



Have you ever put a ton of effort into preparing for something and then had it not work out?

Maybe it was blanking on a test you crammed for.  Maybe it was forgetting your lines in a play.  Maybe it was striking out in the bottom of the 9th when your team really needed you.  No matter what it was, most of us have been there.

It’s bad enough that it happens in the first place, but our sometimes uncontrollable monkey brains can’t leave it alone.  We then have to go through the aftermath.  We get down on ourselves.  We doubt ourselves.  We second guess why we were even trying to begin with.  Many people have quit all together after a game day choke.

Why does this happen?  I don’t claim to know all of the reasons, but I can certainly point out a big one.  Pressure.  The interesting thing about pressure is that most of it is self induced.  In my case, that is especially true.

Find out what you can do about it over at the Mind Body Disc blog!

Course clearing begins at Camp Laughing Waters in Pennsylvania


Explore Disc Golf was on site at Camp Laughing Waters in eastern Pennsylvania this week to oversee the Rough Cut of the beginner friendly 9-hole course, and to continue site analysis and begin course routing of the advanced 9-hole course on the other side of the property. This project is moving along quickly with a June deadline for both courses to be open, as the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania funnel roughly 500 girls per weekend through the camp starting in early May. Both courses will soon be open, in addition to two practice baskets and 150 custom stamped discs available for use any time of the day!

Explore Disc Golf

Clearing begins on the 240′ dogleg right 2nd hole on the beginner friendly course!

As you could imagine, the two courses are going to be vastly different. The beginner friendly course will be an enjoyable, relatively flat layout that focuses on visibility to the surrounding context while connecting users to significant specimen plantings, the new on-site ropes course and historic on-site buildings. The advanced course on the other side of the river will put a premium on shot placement, with a series of “turtleback greens” and “postage stamp” landing areas throughout the design layout. This course will only be roughly 250′ longer than the beginner friendly course, but will feature dozens of towering specimen trees, views of the river, and undulating topography that demands precision every step of the way.

Read our newsletter in its entirety.


Innova Pro Matt Dollar’s Top Ten Georgia Courses


Pulled from Dogleg JT’s recent “Matt Dollar’s Georgia Top Ten” post on DoglegDiscGolf.com.

Next time you guys are ever in the Southeast area–more specifically Georgia–you should hit up one of these courses below! These are Georgia native/Innova Pro (#26045) Matt Dollar’s top ten disc golf courses in the state of Georgia.

Read the full post only at DoglegDiscGolf.com.

Dollar’s Top 10 Georgia courses and the reasons.

10. Bowden Golf Course – Macon.
It’s like no other course in Ga. You really feel like you’re in Texas. It’s hot as hades and is filled with sand, CACTI, lizards, and lots of things that poke you. I don’t ever play great there, but it’s a sick course.

09. Tom Triplett – Savannah.
With at least 2 or 3 tee pads on every hole, you have unlimited options at TTP. Hole 4 from Gold might be the best Par 5 in GA.

08. Redan – God’s Country.
This John David design is amazing. The course itself is only on about 15 acres. Some of the good old school long pins aren’t there anymore, and the key holders seem to favor the shorties. Redan is still awesome, and with PNUT raising funds for new pins, it has me excited to see some of those great pins back in the future.

07. Lake Russell – Elberton.
The other John David old school designed course on my list. Par 3 golf at it’s best. Most courses this old are getting easier with age, but LR is the exception. It keeps getting tighter and the areas that used to be tall grass back in the day are now small forests…

Continued over at DoglegDiscGolf.com.


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100 Putts for 100 Days


Pulled from Dogleg Tricia’s “100 Putts for 100 Days Challenge” post on DoglegDiscGolf.com.

IMG_1497-225x300…If you ask any golfer what the weakest part of their game is, most will say putting. Putting is the most important part of the game, because it is how you actually close out a hole. It’s importance is also overlooked by a lot of players. It’s fun to go rip drives and see how far you can get a disc to fly, but standing 10-30 feet from the basket and repeatedly throw at it is less appealing. The most important part of putting is confidence. When you walk up to your lie and look at the basket, you have to believe you are going to make the putt. If you don’t, you’ve missed it before the disc even left your hand. Practicing putting will not only increase your putting skill, but confidence in yourself…(continued).

? Read Tricia’s full blog post only at DoglegDiscGolf.com.


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Taking the Field Out of Field Work

Goal Post

Field Work

When interviewers ask Simon Lizotte how he learned to throw as far as he does, his answer is daily field work.  When Paul McBeth makes a video on how he practices, he shows you his field work.  When people write in to the Disc Golf Answer Man podcast and ask how to get better, you can bet that Eric McCabe will recommend field work.  There’s only one problem with those recommendations…

Field work is stunningly boring.

That’s right, I said it.  Most of you were thinking it, don’t lie.  Look, if field work were as fun as playing rounds, we would all do a lot more of it.  Bottom line is that when faced with spending our free time playing rounds or chasing our discs around a football or soccer field, most of us choose to hit the course every time.

So what is a disc golfer in need of improvement (and isn’t that all of us?) to do?  Find out over at the Mind Body Disc blog.

10,000 trotterbox-deluxes by Box4Discs Sold…




We never thought we would be able to say this, “10,000 of our #discgolf storage tray and lid combinations have been sold.” – A big “Thank You” to everyone who has adopted our disc golf storage system – it has been very humbling.




box4discs.com and use the code TALKdg at checkout and save 20% on your order…



Disc Golf Spring Training



Glorious spring is finally here!!!!  We’ve all been there.  We have the day off of work or school.  The weather is nice.  The ground has dried out.  It’s that perfect first real day of spring goodness outside.  We grab our bag of discs, dust them off, and head out to the local course with our buddies intent on playing until our arms fall off.  Oh what a glorious and wonderful day that is!

The next day, though.  Oh that next day.  For the disc golfer who hibernated for the winter, it’s a painful day.  Muscles ache.  It’s hard to walk.  It’s tough getting out of bed.  It’s on this day that we pay the price for being sedentary and not throwing a disc all winter.  If you’re really unlucky, you are now starting off your season injured.

So, how do we start our season off in a way that that helps prevent injury and also helps to ensure a long and healthy disc golf season?  Find out about disc golf spring training over at the Mind Body Disc blog!

Explore Disc Golf’s Rental Program is great for spring and summer programs!


Spring and summer are right around the corner so we are taking a moment to bring attention to our Rental Program for schools, businesses, park and rec departments and even the private sector. Over the past three years, Explore Disc Golf has sent baskets and discs to everything from large company picnics and bachelor parties, to 4-H camps, weddings and dozens of schools! While our “standard” rental is for two weeks, we also offer one month, three month, one semester, or one year rentals.

We are also happy to consider custom durations, as our Rental Program is a wonderful way to ease into disc golf at your location while this activity may still be in the “proof of concept” phase for many. Each rental is completely customizable, as we offer multiple levels of basket rentals, disc quantities and even a 200+ page physical education curriculum with lesson plans and much more. Please contact us for pricing, and bring disc golf to your school, park and rec system, company outing or private event in 2015!

Read our newsletter in its entirety.


Want to try disc golf? Explore Disc Golf rents baskets, discs and physical education curriculum!


Give Yourself a Disc Golf Deadline



Up until now, I’ve always practiced for the nebulous goal of “getting better”.  That’s about as motivating as eating broccoli because it’s good for you (that stuff is awful, just awful).  Sure, I’ve always wanted to play disc golf at a higher level than I do.  But that want alone is too easily overpowered by a warm bed and a snooze button.

I’m guessing a lot of you can relate.  “I’ll get to it tomorrow” is a commonly heard expression when it comes to self discipline of any kind.  It’s not until that easy out is taken away that we start to see real success.  We tend to work better under pressure.  We tend to be more effective when is accountability and a deadline involved in our goals.

Have you had trouble sticking to a practice plan?  Have you had issues following through on your commitments to get better at disc golf?  Do you find yourself playing rounds instead of practicing putting?  This week we explore one possible way to fix all that and stick to your practice plans.

Check it out over at the Mind Body Disc blog!

State of Disc Golf: What is in OUR bags? | Infinite Discs Blog


What is in OUR bags?

In the past few blog posts concerning the State of Disc Golf Survey, we have established that Innova is the most popular manufacturer in the disc golf world. It was chosen as the favorite brand in every demographic. However, even though Innova led all other manufacturers in popularity, according to our survey, less than 4% of us throw exclusively Innova. As we all know from interacting with other disc golfers, even though we may favor one brand, most of use throw discs from a variety of manufacturers. This blog will explore the variety of brands we throw and give us a good snapshot of what is in our bags.




First let’s look at the popularity of the brands that are in our bags. The survey didn’t ask how many discs we had of each brand ­— that would have been too time consuming. It simply asked which brands could be found in our bags. Not surprisingly, the brand that most of us throw is Innova, with 87% of us keeping at least one of their discs in our bag. The next most popular brand is Discraft at 69%. Latitude 64 has 42% of respondents throwing their brand. Dynamic Discs is the fourth most popular disc in our bags at 35%. Rounding out the top five was Prodigy at 28%. Westside, Gateway, and MVP were just a couple of percentage points behind Prodigy, sitting at 26%, 24%, and 23% respectively.

Read full article at the Infinite Discs Blog.

Course Correction

pop quiz
pop quiz

How many old farts out there can name the movie?

Pop quiz hot shot.

You are playing in a tournament.  Your last four putts have hit the front of the basket instead of going in.  That includes one 10 foot “tap in gimme” putt.  What do you do?

You are playing in a doubles round on a wooded course.  Your last 3 tunnel shots have been shanked right and into the woods. You are stepping up to tee off on yet another tunnel shot.  What do you do?  WHAT DO YOU DO?!?!?!?!?

These are situations that most of us have experienced at one time or another.  If you’ve been playing any length of time, it’s probably happened to you a lot.  You go out with the best of intentions to play a solid round only to find that one part of your game is unexplainably broken.  The worst part is you can’t seem to fix it.

The first step to fixing the problem is knowing what it really is.  How do you figure that out?  Find out over on the Mind Body Disc blog.

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out our weekly tip and get your weekly dose of disc golf motivation!