One Thing I Don’t Want in my Disc Golf Bag

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A while back, I posted a link on the resource page that itemized many of the most common things we disc golfers carry in our bags besides discs.  It’s quite an array of stuff.  Everything from sun screen to baseballs to lip balm to dog treats.

For me, I carry a lot less than I used to.  Bug spray, towel, dirt bag, mini, pencil, wallet, phone, and keys.  That fluctuates based on where I’m playing, how far away from home I am, and how long I’m going to be there.  I’ve played a long time now. I pretty much know what I want in my bag.

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More and more, though, I keep running into people who want to put something in my bag that I absolutely do not want in there.  At first, I politely tell them I don’t want it in my bag.  Some people understand and stop trying.  Others, though, are insistent to the point of rudeness.  Funny thing is that while I run into a ton of people who want to put this in my bag, I don’t know anyone at all who wants it in their own bag.  Not one person.


Can you guess what it is?

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2014 Boontfling Disc Golf Tournament (Aug16-17)


Registration for the Anderson Valley Brewing Company Boontfling Tournament is now open, sign up today as spots are going fast!

In Defense of the Pitch and Putt

In Defense of the Pitch and Putt - Disc Golf Family

In Defense of the Pitch and Putt - Disc Golf Family


“Pitch and Putt” is a term associated with a ball golf course, and features drastically reduced hole sizes. The “Pitch and Putt” course started in Ireland in the 1940’s. In ball golf, where the need for land is usually quite extensive, the “Pitch and Putt” was a way to get people to play without having to invest so much time and expense, while using less land than traditionally used for a golf course.

The European Pitch and Putt Association or EPPA, and the Federation of International Pitch and Putt Associations or FIPPA, are two groups who promote this type of play.


Morley Field, San Diego, CA

In Disc Golf the “Pitch and Putt” is generally a derisive term for a short course, lacking in technicality, with only par three holes.

I grew up playing on what many skilled Disc Golfers would describe as a Pitch and Putt course. I started playing in the early 1990’s at Morley Field in San Diego, California. Morley Field is a private “Pay for Play” course about a stone’s throw away from the “World Famous San Diego Zoo.”

In those days, of course, there were fewer options to play. Morley Field was the only course for a San Diego boy. If you wanted something else there was Huntington Beach or La Mirada, about 2 ½ hours north. Morley Field was considered a Pitch and Putt….

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Am Worlds, The Best and Worst Disc Golf I’ve Ever Played

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With the Am Worlds disc golf tournament kicking off in Minnesota this week, I thought it only appropriate that I share my own Am Worlds experience.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”  Nothing better describes my participation in the 2007 Am Worlds in Milwaukee, WI.  Worlds is something everyone should go to at least once.  Compared to the B and C tier events I normally play, it was a completely different experience.  If you ever get the opportunity, don’t think twice, just go.  You won’t be sorry you did.

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…My turn came to take the tee.  I had been b.o.b. all day so everyone else had already thrown.  No one had hit the fairway.  I stepped up on the tee box with my trusty Buzzz.  Suddenly the tunnel shrank to about 6 inches wide.  The fairway grew an extra 100 feet right before my eyes.  Sweat started to bead up on my big, bald head.  My heart raced.  My palms got sweaty.  My vision actually blurred a bit.  I was a wreck.  Well, I thought, can’t wait around all day.  Might as well get this over with.  I reached back and let fly…

Read the whole story, including a video record of my Am Worlds fail, at Mind Body Disc.


Disc Golf is Environmentally Friendly, But Some Say No

Disc Golf is Environmentally Friendly, But Some Say No - Disc Golf Family

Disc Golf is Environmentally Friendly, But Some Say No - Disc Golf Family


You, like us, probably recycle. You may even try to eat primarily organic foods. You, like us, may even have converted half of your backyard in to an organic garden (see some of our garden photos at the end of this post). And, of course you, like us, play one of the most environmentally friendly sports there is…disc golf.


Well, you may be surprised to learn that not everyone thinks disc golf is environmentally friendly. Say whaaaat?…I know right!

There is actually quite a lot of information floating about on the World Wide Web concerning the sustainability of disc golf and its impact on the environment. Most of it is positive, but there are a few dissenters from the majority opinion.

In this article I explore the arguments that favor disc golf as an environmentally friendly sport as well as the arguments against it. I also briefly look at the environmental impact of ball golf courses to refer to as a comparison. Lastly, I will share with you some recommendations for disc golf course design and maintenance best practices, and offer some thoughts on how to answer the naysayers.


Ball Golf’s Impact on the Environment

A lot has been written about the negative effects of ball golf on the environment. It takes enormous amounts of water to keep all that grass healthy and green. Typically, ball golf courses require 100,000 to 1,000,000 gallons of water /week in the summer (

Ball golf courses require considerable grading, existing tree and vegetation removal, and introduction of non-native species of plants…

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The backhand bible – #discgolf

The Backhand Bible

The Backhand Bible

Correcting form that you’ve developed over years of practice is going to be difficult, but if you want to put the effort in – it will eventually work.

But make no mistake, unlearning bad habits is very difficult.  More than once I ranted about how ridiculous it was that I even cared that my form was wonky, and why exactly was I torturing myself with trying pick apart my form when I was just making things WORSE!?

But we do this to do it right.

And So It Begins…


The 2014 PDGA Amateur and Junior Disc Golf World Championships kicked off on Saturday with the Junior Divisional Doubles and Amateur Mixed Doubles events. Beautiful weather graced the Twin Cities area, allowing for a day of uninterrupted play. With the temperatures promised to rise throughout the week, the scores were a reflection of the pending heat. The Juniors were on the course at Kenwood Trails located in St. Paul, while the mixed teams faced the difficult track at The Valley, a course that has been altered several times throughout its 25 year existence.

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In case you missed it: The archived LIVE TV broadcast from yesterday at the Disc Golf European Masters


Americans 1st Europeans 2nd in Sweden


One way to ensure a victory at any disc golf tournament; start the final round in the lead and then throw the lowest score of the week in your entire division. It’s a strategy that you can’t really argue with, right? Paul McBeth #27523 and Catrina Allen #44184 did just that today as they took home extremely impressive victories at the 2014 European Masters, the sixth of ten PDGA Major Events that take place throughout the year.

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Do You Really Want Fries With That? #discgolf


This isn’t a post about weight loss.  It’s not a post about cholesterol.  This isn’t going to be someone talking down to you about how you are a horrible person because you like yummy, delicious food.  Mmmmmmm, french fries!  (Read that with a Homer Simpson voice)  OK, hang on while I clean the drool off of my keyboard.


My normal routine the week of a disc golf tournament is to play the tournament course for several practice rounds.  This particular week was my first tournament of the year.  It was also a course I don’t play a lot as it’s almost 2 hours away.  I got up at 5 am and was on the course at 7.  I played 5 rounds that day.  That might sound like a lot to some, but I play that much whenever I can.  It’s old hat for me.  I love this sport.  It’s why I spend so much time training and conditioning.

I played well.  I got stronger as the day went on.  I was ready.  I was excited.  I only stopped because it got dark.  I couldn’t wait until Saturday.

Saturday came and I beat my alarm clock to the day.  That’s usually how it is on tournament days for me.  It couldn’t have been a nicer day.  This was going to be awesome!  I’m guessing a lot of you can relate.  Many of us live for these days.

I played OK the first round.  Not what I had hoped for, but not terrible either.  I was feeling a little fatigued.  That’s not normal for me.  Not at all.  It got worse as the day went on.  I developed a serious case of the early releases.  I caught noodle arm.  I hit the front of the basket with most of my putts in the second round.  I had no energy.  None.

I managed to finish the tournament, but I was so tired I was worried about making the drive home and staying awake.  What the heck!?  I grabbed 3 diet Mountain Dews (my crack), got in the car, and was presented with the answer to my problem on the drive home.

Sometimes the universe gives you exactly what you need at exactly the right time.  You just have to pay attention.

Find out what that answer was at Mind Body Disc.

European Open Round 2: A Trans-Atlantic Battle Royale


A Trans-Atlantic battle royale is taking shape at the halfway point of the 2014 European Masterspresented by Innova Europe.

Among the ladies, Catrina Allen #44184 has edged into a one throw lead over home crowd favourite Ragna Bygde #8559 on the strength of her one under par today, 63, unofficially rated 998. 2X Women’s World Champion Paige Pierce #29190 is a mere three shots off the pace. One of these three hot-round-shooting ladies should be crowned champion on Sunday as the two women tied for 4th place, Val Jenkins #17495 and Sarah Hokom #34563, are a whopping 10 throws back of Pierce.

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Disc Golf Disc Selection Guide for Beginners

Disc golf disc selection guide for beginners-Disc Golf Family

Disc golf disc selection guide for beginners-Disc Golf Family


Disc golf disc selection is a very important component of the game.

The choice of what disc to use on a particular shot must factor in a number of variables. Some common variables to consider in disc selection include: player’s ability, distance, wind, desired flight pattern (should it turn left, right or stay straight), should it roll or not, how does it feel in the hand, is it durable enough to take an impact with that tree, and for the feint of heart, does it float?

This article will aid you in making an informed decision the next time you face that gut wrenching question each of us disc golfers face…  “what disc should I throw?”

Types of Disc Golf Discs

Now this first section is a bit elementary, but in order to “cover all the bases” I will start at the beginning. The three types of disc golf discs are the putter, the mid-range and the driver. Their names of course describe how they are typically used.

The easily noticeable physical difference between the three types of discs is the rim


To read the rest of this article, go to:

Dogleg Tricia Talks When to Move Up Divisions

Continue reading Dogleg Tricia’s full article, “On the Bubble” only at

I still consider myself a beginner at disc golf. I feel like there are a lot of parts of my game that I can improve on, and a ton more to learn. What I love about disc golf is that you can take your game to whatever level you want to. You can be a casual player who just goes out and plays rounds for fun. You can join a league and play in a casual-competitive environment. You can play in tournaments and play for higher stakes: prizes, money, and a player rating in a competitive environment. You can choose to be a member of the PDGA, or not. No matter what level you play at, anyone can enjoy disc golf.

For me personally, I am an all-in player: I play causally, in leagues, tournaments, and am a member of the PDGA. I want to improve my level of play, and build on to my game. It is important to me to share my love of the game with others and help grow the sport.

But this year I faced the dilemma that many players who play in tournaments do; moving up in divisions. I have been a tournament player for just over a year now. So, how do you know for sure when you’ve improved enough to move up?

As a female player in this area, it’s tough, there are not a lot of us. Often times when I go to a tournament, I could be the only lady there, or there could be a handful of us in different divisions. Whether I…[Continued on]

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July newsletter from Explore Disc Golf


The Mobile Disc Golf Experience comes to King Pine Ski Area in New Hampshire!
After two weeks off with The Mobile Disc Golf Experience, we were extremely excited to get back on the road and head to Purity Spring Resort in New Hampshire for a 6 hole installation over the 4th of July weekend. Typically setting up at music festivals, we changed things up a bit and brought The Mobile Disc Golf Experience to a family-friendly resort and boys camp where hundreds of folks enjoyed time on the untouched lake — swimming, water skiing, playing wiffleball, disc golf, trying archery and tye-dying shirts. What a wonderful weekend it was!

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King Pine Ski Area

The downhill 4th hole gave player’s a chance to let it rip down the ski trail to the basket at King Pine Ski Area.

King Pine Ski Area

The “turtleback green” on the 337′ uphill 3rd hole demanded precision as it dropped off on three sides, leaving players with a tough comebacker for par, bogey…or worse.




Europeans Seize the Day

hole 15

Azure skies greeted the players as they arrived at Jarva DiscGolfPark for the opening round of the 2014 European Masters, the sixth of ten PDGA Major Events of the year. While some players discs successfully soared in the auspicious conditions of Stockholm, others were brought back to earth abruptly as their throws failed to negotiate the tight OB lines and gaps between the groves of birch trees.

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hole 15