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9-hole Course Design at New England College is now playable!
Our firm is excited to announce the completion of another Explore Disc Golf course design! The last couple of months have been spent in the woods at New England College in Henniker, NH, where we were tasked with design and installation of 9 holes, while Master Planning a full 18-hole course for future expansion. The 9-hole layout moves students to a variety of towering specimen trees and rock outcroppings, while circumventing the popular ropes course next to the turf field and hockey rink on campus. The course officially opened to students and the public earlier this month!

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Looking back up the 5th fairway, defined by massive rock outcroppings in every direction!

Looking back up the 5th fairway, defined by massive rock outcroppings in every direction!

You’ll Never Master Disc Golf

You'll never master disc golf!

The original General Zod from Superman ii will be making a come back in the new Batman V Superman movie!


“I’m the perfect disc golfer. I’ve learned all I ever need to know about disc golf and have nothing left to add to my vast knowledge of the sport. When it comes to putting plastic discs into baskets surrounded by chains, I’m the undisputed master! Kneel before Zod!!!”

As much as I’d like to be able to say all that, it’s just never going to happen. (Although I have been known to yell out that last part every now and again). I’ll never master disc golf.

If you have dreams of someday reaching that level of skill, I’ve got some bad news for you. It’s just never going to happen. Don’t be mad, I’m just the messenger. Facts are facts. You’ll never master the sport.

Despite what some people proclaim on disc golf forums, Reddit, and Facebook, no one has reached, or ever will reach, that level. No one.

Learn one way to deal with this crushing realization over at the Mind Body Disc blog!

A First For Me…

Photo Credit to DesertRatSGU Photography – Flickr Creative Commons
Photo Credit to DesertRatSGU Photography – Flickr Creative Commons

Photo Credit to DesertRatSGU Photography – Flickr Creative Commons

This week represents a big first for me in disc golf. I will be registering for my first tournament. It’s a non-PDGA event put on by my local club, though it is a Southern Nationals event. If you’re in the Tupelo, MS area, consider playing in the Tupelo Fall Classic tournament Oct 17-18 at Tombigbee State Park. Out of the five divisions available, I’ll be playing in the novice division.

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The Disc Golf Putt You Don’t Practice Enough

Knee Putt

Putting from your knees

What putts do you practice?

Putting. It’s where the game of disc golf is won and lost. It’s the one skill that the pros practice more than any other. They might even practice it more than all of the other skills combined.

If you are serious about your game, you practice it too. You might even practice more than one kind. Spin putts, loft putts, straddle putts, and turbo putts are all things I see people working on around the practice basket at my home course.

There’s one type of putt, though, that I almost never see anyone practice… Putting from your knees.

Find out all the benefits of this little practiced putting style over at the Mind Body Disc blog!

Wisdom Wednesday – What Gets Measured…

Photo Sep 02, 7 34 03 AM

Measuring disc golf improvement off of the tee.

Almost every one of us wants to improve at disc golf. I don’t know of any disc golfer who is 100% happy with their current skill set. Even Paul McBeth, the highest rated disc golfer in the history of the game, works daily to improve his disc golf skills. He is constantly measuring his performance, his improvements, and the distance to his next goals.

One of the most fundamental aspects of improvement in any field is that what gets measured gets managed. Measurement is critical in almost anything you want to do well. Without it, improvement is exponentially more difficult.

Learn more about measuring your disc golf game for improvement over at the Mind Body Disc blog!

Westside Discs Swan1 Reborn Disc Review/Giveaway

DG Weekly - Swan 1 Reborn

The original Westside Discs Swan is one of the most beloved discs that has ever been discontinued. As a result, Westside Discs made the Swan1 Reborn in an attempt to bring back the discontinued Swan mold. How does the Swan1 Reborn fly, feel, and putt? Watch this video to find out, and see how you could possibly win the disc used in the video!

Avoid This Common Disc Golf Approach Shot Mistake

Wind Approach

Disc golf approach shot


Last week, we focused on trying to get your disc to land as close as possible to the basket. Your approach shots in disc golf will often determine how well or poorly you score. You can make up for a lot of poor drives by approaching well. You can also make life easier on yourself by leaving your up shots close to the basket.

First, your scores will be lower in the long run when you try to land close instead of running at the basket. Second, shorter putts should be easier to make. Shorter putts mean getting up and down more often.

But there’s something besides just leaving yourself a short putt that is important. You also want to leave yourself as easy a putt as possible. What else besides distance can impact how easy or hard a putt is?

Find out and improve your disc golf game over at Mind Body Disc!

This is just one in a series of disc golf tips that helps you deal with course management. Make sure and check in every Monday for more helpful disc golf tips! We’ll always let you know right here on Talk DG, so consider subscribing to TalkDG to make sure you don’t miss a beat!

Starting Gate – The Next Generation

Country Disc Golf

wpid-img_20150417_174600August 29th, a Saturday. I had planned on playing a round with a fellow disc golfer that morning, but unforeseen circumstances prevented that round from happening. As a result, I ended up going to the park with one of my daughters and my son while my oldest daughter worked on a science project.

My youngest niece joined us at the park after we had been there for a while. Having been there for well over an hour, I figured they’d want to go home and cool off but was surprised when they wanted to go play disc golf. So back to the SUV to grab my bag it was, and across the bridge over the river to the course we went.

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Why You Should Play in Your First Disc Golf Tournament

TD players meeting
Disc golf tournament players meeting

Players meeting at an Illinois Open Series disc golf tournament.

A lot of people I run into have never played in a disc golf tournament. I hear lots of reasons why, but most of them boil down to one thing. They don’t think they are good enough and don’t want to be embarrassed. Well, summer is winding down, but you still have a lot of opportunities to overcome this fear and do something that you may find out your really love!

Playing in a disc golf tournament is something that I think every disc golfer needs to do at least once. And believe it or not, my reasons have nothing to do with winning or being very good at disc golf. This week, I’ve put together a short list of reasons I think you should give this a try. Check it out, sign up for a tournament and play, thank me later!

Check out the list at the Mind Body Disc blog!


Disc Golf MotivaSHIAn

Disc Golf Motivation

I was lucky enough to run into Shia LeBeouf on the course the other day! He sure made one heck of a motivational caddy.

Wisdom Wednesday – Believe the Best

Photo Aug 26, 7 22 39 AM

Photo Aug 26, 7 22 39 AM

One of my favorite sayings is “Never attribute to malice what can be attributed to ignorance.” That’s basically saying the same thing as the picture above. If someone does you wrong. If someone hurts you in some way. The first thing to realize is that 9.5 times out of 10, it wasn’t intentional. It might be stupidity related, but it’s usually not on purpose. That means that we shouldn’t react like it was.

Find out what this has to do with your disc golf game by checking out our weekly installment of “Wisdom Wednesday” over on the Mind Body Disc blog.

The Brothers…..In Law

Dynamic Discs Warden and Judge


I did it. I finally got the disc I’ve been wanting for months. A Dynamic Discs Fluid Warden from one of my favorite online retailers Infinite Discs at the end of July. I chose a green 175g disc. I own a green 174g Warden in the Classic Soft plastic that I chose when at a Two Disc Challenge event last fall. It has been my go to putter on upshots and short holes off the tee.

Read our review of the Dynamic Discs Judge and Warden.

5 Things You Should Think About on All Approach Shots


critical approach shots

When we talk about disc golf, the overall object is to get the disc in the basket. The fewer throws that takes, the lower your scores. There is nowhere that more throws are shaved off of your score card than around the basket itself. Whether or not you agree with the old adage that you drive for show, there can be no doubt that we definitely putt for dough.

You hear a lot of people talk about how to improve putting. Most of that talk involves actual putting technique. What is not addressed very often is how to leave yourself putts you have a better chance of making. There are a few things that go into that. Today, we’ll be covering 5 of the things you need to think about when throwing your approach shots…

Check out what these 5 critical things are over on the Mind Body Disc blog!

Trolling….I Keel You


We had another great weekend of disc golf in the 2015 Ledgestone Insurance Open. This year being a PDGA tour National Tour stop, and carrying the largest payout in the history of the tour, it was set to be a great moment in the history of the sport. And it was, seeing Simon Lizotte win his first NT event over 4X World Champion Paul McBeth, it was quite a tournament. With the stroke and distance rule in effect for any out of bounds shot, the entire weekend was tough on a lot of competitors.

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August newsletter from Explore Disc Golf


New England College: Explore Disc Golf newest 9-hole disc golf course design!
While we are just now announcing this course design, this project dates back to September 2014 when our firm was first brought on site to conduct a feasibility study for a disc golf course on the New England College campus in Henniker, NH. Funding was approved over the winter months, contracts were signed in early summer, and our firm began Site Analysis and Inventory in mid-June. While the property has been Master Planned for an 18-hole layout, the course is currently going to be 9 holes — moving users to specimen trees, multiple rock outcroppings and throughout steep changes in elevation, while strengthening the connection from the center of campus to the disc golf course, ropes course and extensive trail infrastructure.

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New England College

Looking back up the fairway to the tee of the 337′ finishing hole at New England College.