High Altitude Disc Golf in Tahoe: Tips & Tricks to Playing at Elevation

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One of the coolest things about disc golf is how the flight characteristics of your disc changes as the elevation changes. This facet of disc golf adds an element of challenge to the game that few other sports have. There are many tricks that can help you adapt to this change in flight characteristics that you might find useful during your next trip to the Tahoe area disc golf courses.


tahoe disc golf Driving from the tee and from the fairway will be where you can sense the most dramatic difference in flight characteristics. At the Tahoe courses, you will quickly see that your drivers are far more stable than when you at your home course closer to sea level. There are a couple ways to combat this shift in stability on your drives.

First, you can disc down to a more under-stable disc. If you frequently throw a Destroyer (-1,3) at sea level you might decide to throw a Tern (-2,2) instead. The lower turn will keep your disc straighter and the lower fade will keep the disc dropping to the ground more like you are accustomed. Second, you can throw the same disc you are used to but reduce the weight of the disc. The lower weight will allow you to spin the disc faster which will keep the disc closer to its fade and turn numbers.

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