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Be a Part of a Disc Golf Social Media Milestone!

Photo Sep 23, 8 54 33 AM

Photo Sep 23, 8 54 33 AM

  1.  That’s how many followers Disc Golf Shout Outs has on Instagram as I write this post.  For those of you that are familiar with Instagram, that might not sound like a lot.  There are plenty of accounts with hundreds of thousands, even millions, of followers.

But not any accounts related to disc golf.  For some reason, even though a ton of disc golfers have and look at Instagram daily, they are typically very stingy with the follow button.  Come on folks!

Innova, the largest and best selling manufacturer of discs has 6448 followers.  Discmania has 3147.  Avery Jenkins, one of the more active pro disc golfers on Instagram has 6166.  Eric McCabe, one of the more artistic, and also very active posters, has 3562.

I always hear people complain about disc golf not being on TV.  Well, social media follows is a huge gauge these days as to how big of an audience disc golf would get on TV.  If we can’t even support the media outlets we already have, why open a new one?

See what you can do to help and get some tips on who and how to follow on Instagram over at Mind Body Disc!

The Next Step in Disc Golf Photography: Videoing Disc Golf From the Air!!

Ever wonder how they get such fantastic aerial footage of the race at the Daytona 500? They utilize a radio controlled drone copter carrying a digital camera similar to the one show in this WIRED article. The drone is flown remotely and places the camera in a fantastic vantage point and the result is great sports videography. It’s about time someone got some aerial footage for disc golf using one of the affordable, high quality Radio Controlled (or RC) drone, or UAV, rigs .

Video Disc Golf with this uber-cool aerial video rig

Video Disc Golf with this uber-cool aerial video rig

Want to know more? Then READ ON disc golfers!!


Looking Back: 2012 World Championships

[Written by fellow Doglegger and contributor, Emily. Read full story here.]

Although it has been more than 3 years since I was introduced to disc golf, this is the first time I have had the winter disc golf bug.  Today, for example, in Missouri the high temperature was below freezing and there is 2 inches of snow and ice on the ground.   This is not my idea of disc golf weather, especially as a beginner who gets frustrated enough when my discs are dry.

These conditions have left me thinking about disc golf much more than playing.  Mostly I have pondered my favorite disc golf moments from last year, and those I’m looking forward to most this year.  The biggest difference between the two is that now I’m a player, not just a spectator.

Last summer I drove to Charlotte, NC, with my boyfriend and his dad for the 2012 Disc Golf World Championships.  At the time, I hadn’t even played a full 18-hole round of disc golf.  I was coming as a girlfriend, caddy, and camera girl.  From my point of view of as non-player and disc golf spectator of nearly 3 years, here were the top 5 things I loved about 2012 Worlds that I hadn’t seen anywhere else.

5.  Beautiful courses
Yes, I’ve been to other courses that were pretty (most notably, Diamond X in Billings, MT, and some courses in Des Moines, IA).  However, this was the first time that EVERY course I went to was gorgeous and visually interesting.  On top of simply being nice pieces of land with awesome layouts, they were clean with very little litter.  Despite the heat of the Carolina sun, it was always fulfilling to be outside just to see the courses.


4.  Narrow, straight fairways with tall, skinny trees
When I first started watching disc golf, I thought it was so neat how discs flew in curves and “S” shapes.  It wasn’t long before I realized that discs curve naturally, and it is extremely difficult to throw down a narrow fairway.  Watching drives on the numerous holes with tight hallways simply amazed me, especially because so many were so accurate!


» Find out the TOP 3 Experiences that made Emily’s list, read full story here!

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Shooting The Club


A couple of years ago I stuck a cheap camera in my bag and started shooting while playing.I was instantly hooked on photography and the club enjoyed seeing themselves and our awesome courses.Pretty soon I overloaded the website and was encouraged to start a gallery.I managed to get a few shots published locally along with several shots in the 2011 and 2012 Discraft Catalogs.  Enjoy!


Take Your Disc To Work Day… Photo Contest

Make sure to swing by the TYDTWD facebook page and vote for your favorite pics…


Are you taking your disc to work Friday?

In a new post over at RattlingChains.com, we look at this Friday’s disc sports event — Take Your Disc To Work Day. It’s a concept pitched to Discraft in the hopes to make it a global — and possibly annual — event.

Check out the story behind it and all the details about participating — and how you can win some excellent prizes — by heading over to Rattling Chains.

Also from the past few days — Our weekly poll is up and we’re talking disc count. In our weekly news wrap, we talk about Discraft’s new Titanium plastic and give the latest links for disc golf in the media. On Saturday, we posted our Photo of the Week and it was quite the shot. One of the better disc golf images we’ve seen and we had to share it!

If you haven’t seen it, as well, Avery Jenkins had his most recent blog post to Rattling Chains.

Finally, don’t forget we’re giving away some plastic. The contest runs for another week, so go enter!